50 Shades of Propaganda

What do “anti-semitism”, “anti-mulsim”, “pro white male” and “pro black stereotyping” all have in common ....besides Steve Bannon? Our economy (petro dollar, banking industry, gold backed currency and Depression level unemployment rates)


Really? Meek Mill, Really?

  That Meek Mill thing and people's reactions to it...wow. The complete lack of humanity people still defend and think is totally normal IS NOT NORMAL, and still brings me to tears if I am honest. The fact that people can be so ignorant to the root causes of the deferential treatment given to some … Continue reading Really? Meek Mill, Really?

Evil, Thy Name is Bureaucracy

Plain and simple, bureaucracy allows for favoritism and disparities in equality. It allows for the legalization of genocide. It is at the heart of oppression and the primary cause people have become unable to discern what is moral or true and right. Please educate yourself and others on this so that we can begin to make lasting changes for the next generation.

Next Steps

If he wants to play king of the dumb people, let him, but pay attention, these are still people. Our job is to reduce ignorance and facilitate the flow of resources to those with open hearts willing to love, teach and work for the common good of all.

Sunday Musings

It is in our personal musings and separate mind space that we can ponder out opinions and epiphanies that may be of benefit to our collective tangible space, our simultaneously experienced earth walk. What we have not quite worked out is how to discern who is able to do this effectively to the benefit of the greater good and how to get those voices out to the world.