Let’s take a walk through the realm of singularity. Different people mean different things by this word. Other people perceive and conjure different interpretations in response. Lately, when people say it, it’s often in the context of AGI. That one moment when it dawns on humanity that they created something smarter than themselves. That moment … Continue reading Titled

Eternal Combustion Engine

Vroom vroom ❤ Evolution, The Game 🙂 The goal is to evolve to the point where you are capable of creating and sustaining that which you create. We practice, like children, by playing dress up, by seeing how all the stuffs go together... or not. The tools you have to use are self-organizing, self-replicating and … Continue reading Eternal Combustion Engine

Egoic Purge

The inner realms are interesting, aren’t they? The culminating synthesis of all our currently perceived sensory experiences as funneled through all the memories stored in our mind’s warehouse, highlighted and shadowed and defined by whatever journey the soul has taken, how many ever times it’s taken one. Understanding, utilizing and expanding those perceptions, those meaningful … Continue reading Egoic Purge