New Year’s Stuff and Stuff

I healed more in this past year than all the others before it. So overall, even if things are still tenuous as fuck, I’m gonna call this year a win for Team Melissa.



Perhaps younger me was smarter than I give her credit for and all the doubts and shame can finally and utterly be put to rest.

What’s in a Name?

My point here is that this religious text has been interpreted in such a way as to benefit a select few, and guess who decided who those select few are? The ones benefiting of course. It has also been used as a defense for actions which harm others. There are other religious texts which have been used in the same manner. If we are going to choose to take these words literally, as an historical text talking about specific people who are no longer living, why would we then apply those directives to modern day groups of people and subject the whole world to a war based on them?

Evil, Thy Name is Bureaucracy

Plain and simple, bureaucracy allows for favoritism and disparities in equality. It allows for the legalization of genocide. It is at the heart of oppression and the primary cause people have become unable to discern what is moral or true and right. Please educate yourself and others on this so that we can begin to make lasting changes for the next generation.