Blank Slate –

Mid 60s in Washington today. I still have my weather and time set to Washington. I left the Midwest to escape the loneliness, the isolation, the sense of rejection only to find out Washington was worse. People had more money and conversely other people had even less. So it was infinitely more dangerous. At least … Continue reading Blank Slate –

Energy Sound Creation

Is family, family? Is there an underlying bond that requires commitment and protection? Aren’t these the ties that are the first to break? Isn’t that precisely who you leave behind when you want to become more than they’ll let you be, a bigger you than they are willing to see? Can we describe them again, … Continue reading Energy Sound Creation

Happy News!!!

In any case, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s been keeping my head up, my heart in the right direction and buoyed my hope when it waned. I am honored to be spending time on planet Earth with you. I was literally eating out of dumpsters four years ago and today I’m here to say thank you from the bottom of my everything for reminding me how much better we all deserve.