Just Venting

I kinda stopped talking about the issues of poverty. Didn’t stop thinking about it, just kinda stopped writing or dealing with it directly, because it’s one of those topics that is reeeallllly hard to address over and over and over without seeing a whole lot of change happen. There’s been some movement. An inch here … Continue reading Just Venting


For Real tho’

My mother. My entire life she has attracted strays of the human variety. She patches them up, lifts their spirits, makes food appear out of thin air to feed their bellies and sends them on their way better than she found them. She’s good at it. She doesn’t take any shit. It really takes a … Continue reading For Real tho’

Evil, Thy Name is Bureaucracy

Plain and simple, bureaucracy allows for favoritism and disparities in equality. It allows for the legalization of genocide. It is at the heart of oppression and the primary cause people have become unable to discern what is moral or true and right. Please educate yourself and others on this so that we can begin to make lasting changes for the next generation.