Alpha Fem

At the edge of the Universe there is nothing to see There is no you, no me A Cowboy’s perch long abandoned, A weaver’s web left open-ended No cross to bear Nothing that bares your soul for repeating I’ll wait there Throwing you a line A line With Great Fortitude that is mine I Am … Continue reading Alpha Fem


Poetry on a Tuesday

I’m riding on that veil like I’m going somewhere. I see the swimming sharks beneath the surface. The cutters of ruggers and filthy do gooders That never do good but talk a big whale of a tale Now I got their veil and I’m flying on it, like the wings of a sail through the … Continue reading Poetry on a Tuesday


Jagged little giant Gulp That was not a thing I wanted to swallow And now I’m fire breathing out of my nose And I don’t even smoke any more Remnants of an emotional Cue Gone boo The loneliness of running away from They won’t leave me alone And I … Just want to be free … Continue reading Miss