Dear Soul Mate

I know it’s hard to believe but how could I know I loved you if I didn’t know what love was. And I surely didn’t. Some days I worry that I still don’t. If I didn't know I loved you, how could I treat you as any rational being would treat a someone they loved? … Continue reading Dear Soul Mate


So, today is Monday. The grass is a vibrant green. There is moisture in the air because it rained last night and this morning. The earth smells extra-like today. I can hear the wind flow through the leaves of the trees every so often. The electronics are humming again after an early morning outage. I … Continue reading Progress


I’ve been trying to find my dad’s family members. It’s a weird feeling, a burden that is difficult to overcome knowing they’re out there but not connected. I'm closer now, to where most of them live. It's both reassuring and also completely irrelevant. Before I even had a chance to get my feet under me … Continue reading Family

When you are too close to the confines of an aching soul

The wound of withheld love, aura bursting from pulsing pressure that has no escape there is no you, no body, no touch, no gentle reassurance to receive there is only the forlorn, the sad, the morose moaning measure of forever alone without hope for renewal, a faceless mirror, an abstract meaningless gesture, obscured, distorted my … Continue reading When you are too close to the confines of an aching soul