Lesson Learned

So, I lost that friend. I guess, in truth, it wasn’t really a friendship, just a hope for one, someone that I knew that I kept on hoping for the chance to get to know better. I suppose, if I’m honest, I knew this all along. Correspondence always felt a little forced and unnatural. I … Continue reading Lesson Learned

The Healer – a prayer

I suppose the thing I really want is some time in communion with a healer, a real live healer. One who is one with Creation. Who feels and knows, who senses and intuits the best pathway to take if you want to grow, if you want to utilize and take pleasure in the presence of … Continue reading The Healer – a prayer

ouch, I’ve probably already used that as a title

Stream of Consciousness in response to … shit I’m feeling that must be unraveled and the unraveling is quicker with a witness that’s why most people stay knotted up How do you guys handle people shooting people and movie sequences playing out in your front yard? Mother fuck, maybe I’m not handling this the right … Continue reading ouch, I’ve probably already used that as a title