Unseen Magnitude

So… the other day it felt like the whole of physical reality opened up. No, that’s not the right way to describe it. It felt like a zipper had been unzipped and all the dna was floating around in there like some massive dmt trip. I had a vision. I had a vision of a … Continue reading Unseen Magnitude


Thank you

There’s been a bit of some astrological pushing which may have kicked up a bunch of stuff you thought was long dealt with. I hope you noticed, as I did, that it was easier to navigate and feel for your centeredness. Light body integration should be moving right along and nicely for those who have … Continue reading Thank you


We’re in a little bit of a time jump, timeline collapse, a “times they are a’changin” flow. Usually I don’t like to write during these times because I like to breathe, observe, be one with it. So, I’m diverting from my normal choice. Choice. Hmmm. That’s an interesting word. I’ve changed so much. If I … Continue reading Ascending