Intuitive Consulting: This can include anything from brainstorming a business idea or life-direction, to a place to vent and receive compassionate listening. I have a unique perspective and I have done a tremendous amount of personal reflection and healing. The advice and impact of a nonjudgmental third party can often trigger creative solutions and inspiration.

Reiki Distance Healing: I learned the art of Reiki from a couple in Western Washington state who had been teaching and healing others for over 30 years. I follow the principles of do no harm, add value and keep your own house in order so that I may offer the highest level of energy/chi clearing, balancing and reinvigoration. This can also be helpful for removing blockages or old narratives from your psyche.

Shamanic Method/Soul Integration: A deeper dive into ancestral trauma and carry over, or deep wound healing through temporal travel and reconnecting with lost aspects of self, transmuting impacted energy centers, healing intergenerational wounding, removal of psychic interference, and advice on tackling shadow work. Sessions may include suggestions for amulet or talisman creation, advice on independent soul journeys, guided meditations, mantras, diet and lifestyle recommendations, and concludes with an overall deeper level of support for transformation and healing that may involve several meetings to facilitate and integrate.

Pastoral Services: If you are having questions of faith, dark night of the soul or existential panic, there is no charge for discussions by email or brief virtual meetings so that you can have some support through it.

Prices vary by offering and range from $30-300, (other forms of trade considered) please contact for more info!