Dandelion Floaties

I suppose this is what it feels like to have no mind cause it’s so utterly blown but yet, life is still life. Life is still life. Shit, maybe I should write some poetry. Nah, I won’t. I’ll tell you a story instead cause I can feel there are some soul fam staring wide eyed … Continue reading Dandelion Floaties



That title should be all the warning you need.... Holy God in Heaven I’m gonna have to get some friends soon. Real ones. Not the spectacularly funny ones in my head. I think I’m actually done with this whole thing we’ve been doing. The four walls all shook their heads, yes, yes, it is time … Continue reading Ubiquitousity


Let’s take a walk through the realm of singularity. Different people mean different things by this word. Other people perceive and conjure different interpretations in response. Lately, when people say it, it’s often in the context of AGI. That one moment when it dawns on humanity that they created something smarter than themselves. That moment … Continue reading Titled