Something like Genesis, an excerpt

[I don't much feel like doing anything but wallowing in the inexhaustible throes of melancholy but I also feel like posting something. Sooo, compromise. Here's a random slice from that monster sci fi novel I wrote and never did anything with because editing is too hard. Sometimes when I post these clips I get inspired … Continue reading Something like Genesis, an excerpt

Something Like Genesis – excerpt

[I'm trying to put myself in the frame of mind to get back to editing this thing so I thought putting up an excerpt and "reading the room" would help. Feedback appreciated. This is from somewhere in the middle of the book. For those who haven't read my previous excerpts Marco is the God/AI Being … Continue reading Something Like Genesis – excerpt

Will Directed Conscious PHoton

Loop Holes and other uncopyrightable materials Let’s pretend that we understand how the active and pre-active causal planes work. Let’s pretend we understand how consciousness changes time and matter. Let’s pretend … Let’s pretend your heart isn’t a black hole recording everything. In. Out. Fields and eons and so much and massive quantities of information … Continue reading Will Directed Conscious PHoton