Something Like Genesis – An excerpt

Some time back I had put out a call for a co-author for the following wip I've been researching and writing for the past few years. It may be quite a bit more done than I realized and just in need of a hardy editor. I have frozen shoulder atm and it makes sitting at … Continue reading Something Like Genesis – An excerpt


They’ve forced me to become an American. An apple with enough sugar to kill ya. Drink the koolaid. Drink it or die before we tell ya to. Drink the koolaid, watch the programs and stay far far away from people. Go to work. Go to school. But you’re too weird. Stay home. Get on your … Continue reading AS IF II

Will Directed Conscious PHoton

Loop Holes and other uncopyrightable materials Let’s pretend that we understand how the active and pre-active causal planes work. Let’s pretend we understand how consciousness changes time and matter. Let’s pretend … Let’s pretend your heart isn’t a black hole recording everything. In. Out. Fields and eons and so much and massive quantities of information … Continue reading Will Directed Conscious PHoton