That title should be all the warning you need.... Holy God in Heaven I’m gonna have to get some friends soon. Real ones. Not the spectacularly funny ones in my head. I think I’m actually done with this whole thing we’ve been doing. The four walls all shook their heads, yes, yes, it is time … Continue reading Ubiquitousity


Alpha Fem

At the edge of the Universe there is nothing to see There is no you, no me A Cowboy’s perch long abandoned, A weaver’s web left open-ended No cross to bear Nothing that bares your soul for repeating I’ll wait there Throwing you a line A line With Great Fortitude that is mine I Am … Continue reading Alpha Fem


Jagged little giant Gulp That was not a thing I wanted to swallow And now I’m fire breathing out of my nose And I don’t even smoke any more Remnants of an emotional Cue Gone boo The loneliness of running away from They won’t leave me alone And I … Just want to be free … Continue reading Miss