System lords

I’m just about done reading the third book in a series by Orson Scott Card, this one called GateFather. I had just finished reading his book “Ender’s Game” at about the time I lost my house ten years ago, every one of my belongings, my son’s belongings, the things my mother had stored there. Because … Continue reading System lords

free will, creation and the higher self

Free will is not about the ability to make “choices”, as in, if you can make a choice you have free will. It is about will (which could be conceived of as a self-aware force) being unencumbered by lies and obfuscation and malfeasance so that will operates as intended. Not usurped. Will is the aspect … Continue reading free will, creation and the higher self


I started this blog at least partially because of you. For all the times I didn’t get to talk long enough to explain, really explain, the way in which I see the world. You were always too quick, too loud, too sure. We're like twins that way. Fire. And even though I knew inside of … Continue reading IDGAF