Akashic Interrogation

I am watching your civilization crumble. I am watching so when I make my own, elsewhere, and no you’re not invited, I’ll know better. Where the line of ethics must always be drawn in order to achieve maximum output. Output. Output. What price freedom? What price dignity? What price Unity? Women who are not allowed … Continue reading Akashic Interrogation

California Dreams

My son had to do an assignment yesterday about the Gold Rush. The West Coast has a weird draw to it. It’s become this mecca for glamour. Still. Shiny objects and lots of promises. Because of all that chasing, the energy in the air against the backdrop of ocean and mountains, there is a feeling … Continue reading California Dreams

ouch, I’ve probably already used that as a title

Stream of Consciousness in response to … shit I’m feeling that must be unraveled and the unraveling is quicker with a witness that’s why most people stay knotted up How do you guys handle people shooting people and movie sequences playing out in your front yard? Mother fuck, maybe I’m not handling this the right … Continue reading ouch, I’ve probably already used that as a title