Independently Published

 Melissa offers this memoir as a way to provide a voice for the many people who have felt abandoned while experiencing homelessness. It sheds light on a problem that continues to plague our collective psyche and offers unique insights on how to help and most importantly, why we all need to find the courage and strength to do so. 

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Works in Progress

I have three WIPs and I’m always open for collaboration. If you are an editor or interested in co-authoring, please reach out!

Leaving the Land of the Dead, a first person nonfiction about the spiritual process, highly detailed and inspirational but especially for those who have survived trauma in their family of origin which has been largely overlooked in the current market

The Clarity, a book of spiritually themed poetry, esoteric in nature

Something Like Genesis, a science fiction novel about a man’s interaction with a god-like intelligence system that is questioning the ethics of intervening following a series of electrical/magnetic storms that change the evolution of everything on earth.