Dandelion Floaties

I suppose this is what it feels like to have no mind cause it’s so utterly blown but yet, life is still life. Life is still life. Shit, maybe I should write some poetry. Nah, I won’t. I’ll tell you a story instead cause I can feel there are some soul fam staring wide eyed … Continue reading Dandelion Floaties


Super Sensitive Super Heroes

Gamifying the Guru It’s not easy having superpowers. There is no bat signal in the sky. Real superpowers are just feeling shit is wonky and doing something about it. Some people are way better at that than others. My family was pretty competitive and weird about my superpowers while I was growing up so now … Continue reading Super Sensitive Super Heroes


I walked right into a pole once. I think I’ve also walked right into a tree, smacked my head on cupboards many more times than recommended, and ya’ll already know I’ve fallen off a cliff. But I can also be very graceful, I even did some modeling on a Minnesota talk show a million years … Continue reading 5111