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The overriding theme of my Earth walk has been to tackle the issue of poverty. This is something I have tried to examine from every avenue available to me. As an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota and as a conceptual artist seeking to enlighten society, the issues of racism, classism and poverty have been my driving force.

I have come to the conclusion that homelessness and hunger represent our societal ground zero. The homeless of today are our lepers, the untouchables, dehumanized, vilified and criminalized for having the audacity to want to stay alive without money in the pocket. I have seen firsthand how vicious the scorn and judgement can be and how long it takes to heal from that trauma.

There are many, many pieces of the narrative surrounding homelessness that are being neglected at best and good people who want to make a difference need to know the truth. This is why I wrote my memoir, The Lightworker’s Guide to Homelessness. Withholding basic necessities from disabled citizens is not something we should ever allow ourselves to grow accustomed to.

For the most part, homelessness is a primary example of social and genetic engineering at work. We must overcome the concept of disposable people. How can we ever call ourselves civilized or claim to be a species with consciousness when we don’t have a reliable system in place for the most vulnerable among us?

We can’t

The cultural aspects of our economy (media, celebrity, advertising) has created a spiritual and psychological void we can all sense. As we compete to get our piece of the pie, we actually find we experience less free time, less opportunities to reflect and connect with nature and fewer options and resources. And this is true for well over half of all working Americans. We have come face to face with the immorality of excessive hoarding. We have allowed ourselves to succumb to ego driven manipulation and this shows clearly that we have reached a developmental plateau of a moral and spiritual nature that we cannot afford to ignore any longer.

As we gather the energy and determination to make this leap into walking forward in a co-creative dance with each other, we must remember to love each other, to create many examples of this so it becomes the theme -the highlight- of our collective history.  Humans really do love each other.

I highly appreciate any support you are willing and able to give so that my son and I can continue to stay housed and stable.  Your prayers, kind words and encouragement do make a huge difference. If you are interested in making a financial donation, please click the link below.

If you are interested in an energetic exchange for your donation, I am a certified Reiki Master, Shamanic soul retriever and DNA activator. If you are in need of healing, insight, guidance, alignment, or just have questions, please reach out through email (melissalafontaine99@gmail.com). I am here to help humanity tune back into their true nature and find balance without losing their minds, rewriting tradition or negating common sense in the process.

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With much gratitude…

May we all know the meaning of the word “home” when we look into each other’s eyes.