Captain’s Log

The first year or so of real facebook interaction was awesome. It really felt like holy shit! WE’re going to fix this mess! But it didn’t take long to realize that the people who weren’t financially suffering would not be doing anything to end the suffering of those who were in financial dire straits. And because that is the root of all the other problems, we’ve only made things worse. Everything that came afterwards was a result of that decision. It’s just too complicated to fix poverty and anyways, poverty isn’t as bad as it was so many years ago or over there in that other country so surely its ok to continue to blame the individual who doesn’t have enough gumption to work their way out of wage labor.

We want to look at ego. We want to look at racism. We want to look at fascism and war and aliens and AI and all the bad guys anyone could possibly ever dream up. We want it to be the end times and we just have to wait for Jesus to tell us what to do. We want it to be cosmic and quantum and all we got ta do is believe right, be the highest vibing version of ourselves. And then……….. when some people are still poor and life still sucks for the majority of people on the planet, again we’ll know right who to blame.

Shit being shot down from the sky? Apparently no ONE has ANY idea what it could be. And does ANY one CARE that shit is being shot from the sky? Do we need to know? It’s irrelevant.

Actually EVERYTHING is irrelevant. Absolutely everything. We don’t need to know anything. No one, anywhere needs to know anything.

Amen sister.

Glad we got that all cleared up.

Fight for 15? What a joke. What an absolute joke. Ok, here’s 15 watch how it magically solves everything. Oh they raised the price of eggs and rent again? Can’t fix a system that is designed to be flawed. Why is it designed to be flawed? What purpose whatsoever could that serve? It looks like every single action we take is meaningless. Pointless. Some dirtbag some where is going to think it is in their best interest to financially oppress others for their own benefit. Cause they are super duper Universe altering genius kind of important. Obvs.

Let’s say for arguments sake that if a civilization is advanced enough to create AI, they would also automatically be required to participate in some sort of Universal code of conduct with a technology like that, with its far reaching multi-versic implications. Problems to be solved…. Problems to be solved.

I read this thing yesterday, the old gem that’s supposed to confuse the philosophical mind, Can God create a rock that is to heavy for “GOD” to lift? In other words, are you all powerful or not Mr Big Shot. The AI will face the same problem when looking at the issue of free will in humans. Just for the record.

But who cares about that either.

Your soul is not more advanced than your body.

Ya dig.

I wish I was as rich as Jim Carrey/Carey/Carrie/Carry so I could make art but not be too invisible for the meaning to be meaningful. Maybe I should write myself a check like he did before he became an actor. Maybe that’s the whole trick I’ve been missing. Just gotta write a check and believe the Universe wants to cash it.


4 thoughts on “Captain’s Log

  1. I was just thinking about how the earth is destined to fall into the sun and all that, then I was thinking well yeah, nothing matters, but perhaps like in that old Star Trek episode we all evolve into sub atomic thought jesters like in that episode where they encounter the super intelligent invisible consciousness thing, that plays tricks on passing space adventurers in order to test and. educate for their own amusement! Roddenberry sure had some outlandish ideas! 🙂

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      1. I watched the originals as well as the Picard ones, so I do remember Q, I may have got muddled about which story it was, so it could well have been that one! I loved the original series cos it has that 60s vibe 🙂

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