To Witch or not to witch

I’ve been doing a little digging into astrology lately, evolutionary astrology to be precise, which is a little more of a specific focus on what your soul seems to be up to. I’ve never really looked into astrology before. It was always just a little blurb in a newspaper and never brought up in the context of something that might be challenging to comprehend the origins of.

So I’m perusing through my this house and that planet and what this thing over here means, realizing how accurate so much of it is to what my life has been like and my personality and preferences are like and it has me trying to figure out how the physics of all of that would actually work. Like what’s the physics behind light crossing hairs at this or that time from this or that place always producing a predictable pattern of personality? Is it like Memorex, like film but with starlight planting this or that seed of DNA? Or is it the other way around? It’s weird in either case isn’t it? All this information. And also why are those planets where they are and not somewhere else? And what would my earth in the 13th house produce if I lived elsewhere? Someone go ask the Venusians.

I’m not a witch and I’m not sure how it came to pass that a curious woman who utilized the earth and seasons around her and gifts within her was able to pick up such a term with all it’s heaped upon derogatory implications, but this is a good song. Try to remember the beauty of female curiosity outside of the context of disobedient created helpmate. I’m going to make a commitment to that and keep on being curious about stuff I was ridiculed for being interested in when I was still taking other people’s advice about what it might mean to be a good female human.

Anyhoo: This is another awesome song by the wonderful Alice Phoebe Lou who makes me actually enjoy being a woman by singing the way she does. I can bask in her unassuming confidence and breathe.

Happy weekend

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