All the while they call you crazy

When I think of all the ways I was numb and confused, dazed and bedazzled by life, it makes me wonder. Maybe we all have to start out not awake, not aware, a soul skating by because being in a body, once you really start paying attention, is not the easiest thing to get used to.

Being responsible for driving it into a transcendent evolutionary state and the vast – I don’t know – possibility of really accepting your role not in society, not in family but in the grand cosmos of life, it’s something that takes a moment to sink in, to accept and unfold with.

We can beat death, uncover new life, invent a new language, merge dimensions, multiply universes… and all the while they call you crazy. But there must be some reason, the already been here and done that come back and sit with us, sit with the newborns and the never waking… and catching a glimpse of that reason, catches my breath.

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