Eternal Combustion Engine

Vroom vroom ❤

Evolution, The Game 🙂

The goal is to evolve to the point where you are capable of creating and sustaining that which you create. We practice, like children, by playing dress up, by seeing how all the stuffs go together… or not. The tools you have to use are self-organizing, self-replicating and self-destructing (when necessary?) You set the parameters with the caveat that you yourself must also operate within them. You literally do unto others what will also be done to you. You are unable to set yourself apart from the game. That’s the game. It gets infinitely more complex when you reside in a closed space with others who are doing the same. The size and scope of what you are creating, well, you get the picture.

Recent geomagnetic storm. Or current? And a time change too. Man, it seems everyone gets a little discombobulated after … well, shit, it is rare to be in the presence of a human, uncombobulatable. So, I shouldn’t blame it on the time change or the spring in the air. It’s just life as it is as we adjust to how we will or will not be filtering the vast quantities of information that are available to us. Some of the old filters work, most, do not.

We had filters for social norms, we had filters for social strata, we had filters for survival at a communal level. We’re past the tribal but still divided by smaller cohorts that stand under larger umbrellas. These strategies, which have served us well, no longer do.

Full. Stop.


I’m looking at evolution at the moment. Some people call it different things. Let’s just say, I’m upgrading some of my personal outlook and filing system. I’ve begun to recognize the different strategies people employ to deal with what is essentially a game of evolution. How to employ real time adaptations to the burning question, thought, projection, am I mortal? Am I? Am I? Am I?

Yes, even you mr and mrs robot will ask and answer this question. One way or another. Why do you think everyone’s so freaked out about AI and robotics? You see the way some people deal with their potential mortality? Let me tell you, the dogs are embarrassed for us.

So that’s why we’ve gotten a little cheat code… a little no one gets to the Father but by me and then… um… code.

If you look at the history of the species that has left the most evidence of known strategies, their experiments towards solving this problem -us- you can really get a nice big picture of how and why evolution is a thing. Try not to laugh if you accidentally see it. I mean, truly, see it.

Some people make babies to stave off that feeling of disappearance. Some people try to create a lasting impression. Some create other people’s admiration and feel content to live on in a mind. Some say fuck it, and live like they have one and only one day. Some try to overcome it by lifting lots of weights, by contemplating uploading their memories, by getting lost in the zen of nothingness. Lots of strategies and psychological calisthenics engaged. Be wealthy, be ascetic, be popular, be isolated, be smart, be dumb, be wild and feral, be regimented and sterile…

Whaddaya gonna do?

We sit at the brink of imminent death, (or imminent eternity) aware, alive within the circle of life, moving without moving, exploring evolution, how far it can be stretched from within the game itself. Predator, prey, old age, new life, beginning, end, just slightly separate. Emergence. The root of quantum entanglement that is also the non-entangled state. You have to see it all at one time to really get it and then you have to remember as you’re seeing it all…. That you’re not. Ever. Seeing. It. All.

Desire, vision, matter. An ecosystem of ever widening circles. Riding the wave, riding the valleys or riding the plane where it all emerges.

Humans have employed a number of diverse systems to avoid mortality. Mortality being something we may not have even adequately or correctly defined, ironically. Unfortunately, none of them are very successful. We often end up shooting ourselves in the foot despite how hard we try. Perhaps immersing ourselves in a larger matrix, a larger ecosystem, something with more robust and forthcoming rules would expand our chances. We’ll see, I suppose.

In the meantime, we can peer into each other’s secret lives, the psychological journeying taken to come to terms with our own dual nature. Finite. Infinite. Infinitely finite. Or infinity under a microscope. I’ll see your God particle and raise you a reversed and inversed sphere-shaped black hole (which are my favorite kind just ask the Big Guy, second cousin of fun gi).

We know that people can exist after death in a manner of speaking. Ahem.

We hold photographs, we hold memories, we can read their words and now watch videos of them from beyond the grave. And yes, enjoy debating the controversy of it, but disembodied signatures exist. Call em ghosts or entities or stray and roaming electrical discharge (the difference between force and energy?) The world is far from black and white and ignoring all this gray, ignoring all the reflections of the interplay between light and dark, the ever thinning veil of our filters, breaking down, becoming transparent, the eruptive feedback of the same information with new light that allows for or perhaps creates, evolution.

The ignorance of this beauty …sometimes… it suffocates me.

Our evolution was derailed by trying to stop and figure out who gets to evolve.

Judge not ya little fuckers. Judge fucking not.

Oh, shit, did I digress?

I’m a little irritable at the moment. Pain has been wildly off the charts as of late. I’ve been in pain so long, been told so many times pain is this one thing and it is dealt with in this one way that reformatting my body and brain to react with a little more grace is -while getting easier- still resuming old programming when met with a disturbance like geostorms and other humans behaving crabby.

We use the tool of evolution to address questions like this every day. To feel, but not too much. To know freedom, but not to the point of extinction. We’ve grown immune to the immense advantage living evolution as it happens, is. Being able to adjust in real time? Instead of automatic pilot? Using other people’s success and failure to calculate our own next move. The flow of it can be sublime to observe, the beauty of the balance, ecstasy the way life just washes right over your skin, the delicate way additions are weaved in seamlessly, is breathtaking.

It’s hard to go from seeing that, to seeing slavery and war and genocide. Social norms and deconstructing acceptable behavior, it’s like we know we should be playing God we just don’t know how. We’ve attempted this by trying to add economics as some form of carburetor, mitigator, calculator of fitness. Ah, economics. Can you buy evolutionary advantage. Can you pay off the reaper?  If you manage to avoid death do you still have to pay taxes?

Aren’t producing? There’s the curb. Enjoy your new cardboard home. We have evolution all figured out… for us. IQ doesn’t matter. Empathic ability doesn’t matter. Being alive for that one thing, the one spark of insight that doesn’t need to occur for another fifteen years doesn’t matter. We’ve been led by those gone blind to big picture. If the goal is don’t die for 75 years, super duper awesome job. But for any other scenario than a limited and not very fruitful lifespan, our current system sucks. Ass.

But maybe it was the only system that could lead us here.

Chronic pain and pain from trauma, as a species, we know shit about this. It’s like getting a haircut every time someone says the word hair and then wondering why you can’t grow it out. You can’t grow a network if your dna is smashed due to trauma. Without a network, your options for evolving go way, way down. You can only survive. And in survival mode, the rules are very different.

Holy fuck, do you realize how hard people try to get out of slight annoyances, like taking a plate to the kitchen, sitting at a red light an extra twenty seconds, the restaurant messing up an order. It’s funny when you put it in context of life as human. The same species that may or may not be able to start a fire so they don’t die if they find themselves suddenly dropped off in the middle of a deep, dark forest complains about waiting an extra twenty seconds at a light from behind the wheel of an internal combustion engine.

Hopefully we will start playing a little more nicely with evolution now that we have a bigger mirror.

Instead of survival mode, we’ll be in Creator mode and the training wheels will finally make sense.



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