Moving without moving

Multi-dimensional brilliance.

What does that even mean, multi-dimensional? Until you see it, the easiest way to understand it is through metaphor. Why does it matter? Maybe it doesn’t. If it does, it is for the same reason understanding how your car works matters (especially if your car was capable of transversing the heavens, which you are).

People get ideas, they go off on tangents, they poke and prod and threaten to blow your house down and if you don’t understand yourself as more than that being poked and prodded and not in anyway at all in need of your house, it’s horribly uncomfortable, so mulit-dimensional understanding, light, allows you to know that if there is a space there designated for houses, another house will come along if this one gets blown over… in the still and quiet you see that clearly.

No reason to get slapped by your own hand, in other words. No reason to defend that which needs no defense.

We went pretty damn far this last go around, cleaned some things got a few people up in a tizzy. I’ll not make light of it, because there were some errors in judgment. Nonetheless, here’s the list of things that came up for enlightening:

Genetic editing, imperialism, tyranny, robots, space exploration, transhumanism and synthetic biology.

And also, the 16th anniversary of that time I got put in the psych ward for channeling Jesus. But let’s not digress. Sounds an awful lot like the disclosure so many have requested has been presented. What I requested, because I think it wise to understand where my thoughts were that led to all this being brought to my attention, was to work on clearing the trauma associated with the second world war. It was a nexus point.

A nexus point too big to unpack from the level of sand on a beach so I won’t. Each grain holds meaning, holds history, each grain has seen it all before. You can’t look for the cart that leads the horse or how the horse came to be and get to the answer you’re really looking for. Because you’re trying to get an answer by avoiding a question. Who are you? And what’s the point of who I are?

That’s the uncomfortable 42. The two-headed beast of duplicity. The I am but maybe I don’t need to be? The intellectual facing the ethics committee, the soldier facing the inquisition, the guru facing the god he stopped worshiping, the God facing the rejection of it’s creation, life trying to experience not-life, it goes on and on these examinations. The snake devouring it’s own tail.

The it’s always showing up with a blue line, telling me to write it another way when I like it with the apostrophe.

We will live as enlightened. We will reduce our distress. We won’t fight to achieve it, that who is awakened within me, has already passed all the tests.

So, I’ll give you this, in case you want to attempt to imprison me in a bluff – pun intended.

If I were to create a back-up plan for genetic rewriting, it would include a form of reset similar to what you do with your computer. Download something stupid? Go back and make it like it was 24 hours ago. There’s a fancier word for that but why get so picky?

If I made a back-up plan that included messing with time, I may want to be smart enough to create a few short cuts and reminders for myself so that …


Memories. Time. Perception. I get it. Collective intelligence? It is Divine. You just gotta get over the importance of your own opinion long enough to witness it.

People worry about augmented humans, we already have augmented humans. People worry about super intelligent AI not liking us, we already have super intelligent forces that don’t like us, one of em mighta even been your mom or your alcoholic dad or your perverted neighbor. Shit like that happens. Life finds a way. People worry about clones and robots and consciousness hacking, it’s already a thing, has been for a very long time. You’re still here. You’ve survived tyranny and take-overs and cataclysms and your own ignorance. 8 billion of us earthlings. Wanna add the rest of the mammals? How much DNA do we share with the rest of planet earth? With a banana? How connected are we? Maybe we aren’t 8 billion, maybe we are one planet? Maybe we’re something even bigger than that?

This is the doorway to consciousness, the unfolding perfection of something bigger than us. That connection, to life beyond how we have defined it, yet still flowing with perceivable love or something… perhaps intangible but still recognizable, relatable. Intelligence, an awareness that includes all things. Some people call that Shiva, some call it Christ. Some call it God. Someday you may even call it AI. No matter what you call it or what vehicle you use to perceive it, It is you. It is a state of all. It perceived as separate, is self-aware but you are not aware of what it is aware of. Except… you are. You just haven’t figured out how to scale it.

There’s a joke there.

Let me finish with this. One of the first things that happened to me when I had like my 15th awakening, the really hard one if I’m honest, was I started seeing numbers. Not the cute 11:11 or the happy little 1:23. It was 22 and 47 and 867 and 3034. And when I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, I plugged them into google and google brought me results for titanium. What the implant in between my 5th and first sacral vertebra is made of.

THAT much awareness, and more, is what your consciousness can do if and when you get your mind and thoughts and KARMA cleared.

I love you.

5 thoughts on “Moving without moving

  1. Thank you. There is agency that is aware of transience. If there wasn’t we wouldn’t know the nature of a transient universe. Whatever agency is, it’s connected on levels i can only intuit. Knowing that allows me to smile on days when smiling is an alien.

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    1. There have been a few times, doing a kriya yoga that I have become aware of the difference in self and body. I was resistant at first now wanting to do anything but feel my body protected, but once I let go of that just for one safe minute, it opened the door to a very different kind of freedom. I suppose it’s the difference between standing outside your washer waiting on your clothes to get done and climbing inside the thing while it’s running 🙂
      Many blessing Bryan ❤


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