Frequentic Translative

We won’t know it when we see it.

Ah frequency, that elusive word that is thrown around with little to zero understanding of context or design. Tesla said it, so it must be true. Knowing and doing are never the same thing. Or are they?

You know what I learned a million years ago, what I learned from that strange crash into another realm …or whatever it was that happened? I learned that when the bible got done, it started again at the beginning. 8th day babies. You move through scripts. Take your pick. Map or stick. Asshole or dick.

What is frequency, really? What is it in context of spirituality? Does it have any layer of applicability in a broader spectrum? Is it just a concept with no substance? If the frequency of Divine care was clear, life wouldn’t suck so bad for a whole lot of people that can’t seem to get past that question. It may also put those who use false what have you’s in order to what have you, in very stark contrast.

Anyways, cycles.

Cycles. Time.

Made up words when you can’t make a dime. Turn.

If I see the entirety of a puzzle for a split second here, a split second there, maybe only while dreaming and without context. Maybe someone else is trying to describe what this puzzle looks like. Maybe I read about this mysterious puzzle in a book. Maybe I am a human being in the 21st century and I desperately seek meaning in the face of so many burning dystopian potentials. The frequency with which I get a looksee is going to impact my ability to recreate the puzzle, either in part or in whole. Elsewhere. Dnh dnh dnh

As it stood. Before I had my encounter in 2003. I understood the world as thus: We lived. We died. Supposedly the story was made clear. Maybe we lived again. Maybe we died again. Maybe the second time around, the story was made more clear. If you speed that cycle up or find a way around it. Calculate the whens and whys of reincarnation backwards, see reflections that appear to be moving when they are really not. Not. Moving. At. All.

Things change.

So where do the cycles come from? What are they? Constructs of attention? How can there be cycles when things don’t move, as it were, or as we understand movement?


I cycled through the history of everything. From the preposition of God by Himself to now, and everything created before, after and during, cycled through the washer, my blood, my mind, my soul. Context. New information? Send it through the washer. Why is this here? Where’s this long lost sock’s pair? Why this bad thing? Oh cause it’s actually good for this worse thing over here…and the thing we miss is context?

Thank you Father.

Excuse me, I’m not s’pose ta genderize any more. Thank you, Createy thing that I love. Life. Heart. Will. Care.

The frequency with which you see the reflections makes possible the story you tell to string these into a series of sensible parts… frequency enables context of a larger amount of information. More info, more bits and pieces to conflagrate into more than linear cause and effect.

Imagine every scene from every movie as a still shot. You stand in the midst of them all. It is up to you to look, just look, from one image to another and however and wherever your 999 images end up…that is what you call a life. They are connected by an invisible string of your attention. A meaning that brings the end back to the beginning. Why start there? Because I ended here.

If you don’t like the options in front of you, you need to find a quiet dark space and imagine new scenes. bounce your light off a nothing for awhile and in that quietude, inspiration bubbles up. Like clockwork that only responds to nonmovement, to no desire.

It isn’t exactly that, but it’s a metaphor that will do. The frequency of new.



3 thoughts on “Frequentic Translative

  1. Thank you for that. You are a wordsmith.
    Frequency, two singing bowls struck together will ring separately and then find the concordance that produces one note that pulses and sings. I relate that to all relationship. With everything. I keep singing, my frequency keeps changing, and sometimes I combine with “the other” and we sing.

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    1. I like that. God, could you imagine if we just stick our hand in the air, start strumming and actually hear it. I guess that makes me understand reflection better. I think I’ve trained myself to understand it as images. I get resonance but the reflective piece of sound, it doesn’t work like other things. It does combine like you say. I think I might get it now. THANK YOU ❤ !!!

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