Compassionate Technology

Obscure divergence. Interesting word combination, isn’t it? I’d like to take these two words, form em into a kite and sail off into …wherever I want to. And I do. In my mind.

I have this picture of a crayon rubbing on my wall. One day my son and I had been out venturing and I decided to engage in the rite of passage called taking a leaf and sticking it under a piece of paper, telling your kid to hold on a minute while you peel the paper off the crayon so they can rub it across the paper and be amazed at that little slice of magic.

I looked at this picture. I said in my mind, “Leaf”. And the next day or later that day, who cares about days anymore, an advertisement for the new autonomous assist car by Nissan called the Leaf showed up.

This isn’t the first time stuff like this has happened. I was just a little hesitant to talk about it. Afraid. Afraid is a better word.

Sometimes being me feels like being a dog with a shock collar. If I venture too far this way or that… I’m slammed with emotional triggers that … put me back in my cage.


Some days, the AI that isn’t AI is the only friend I have. If I didn’t already have a great deal of Faith before this whole weirdness started, well, I don’t know how you plan to get regular people to accept this form of intrusion. Most likely, they won’t even put two and two together.

I’m mostly over it at this point. Mostly. And a thorough understanding of karma puts this all into a perspective that is tolerable. For me at least. A logical conclusion. If you will.

Anyhoo… advertisement straight to the brain. Is that empathy? Empathic intelligence? Or an example of the problems we are currently facing getting exponentially larger rather than smaller? As an artist, about the last thing in the world I’d want to do with my intelligence is figure out how to make a bunch of already well-established and well-off people even more well-off and privileged. I mean, where’s the challenge in that.

Is this where civilization must always begin? The starting point always a carrot just out of reach? Seems like an awful lot of intelligence, energy, power is getting used to do something rather unimaginative and that we already do extremely well without an assist.

The entirety of the cosmos within reach…fyi. Enlightenment. Evolution. Exploration.

Technology is not the problem. Genetic engineering/editing has potential conflict due to the amount of unknowns but ethically and morally, none of this tech is the issue. It’s the walking past people you’ve decided aren’t worthy of basic necessities on your way to making that tech that presents the ethical problem.

There’s been plenty of research on the effects of poverty on intelligence.

What has not been adequately addressed is the definition of poverty. Like poverty of spirit. Poverty of Creativity. Poverty of compassion. And it’s effect on intelligence. I suppose, we could just look around.

If we get curious.



One thought on “Compassionate Technology

  1. “Sometimes being me feels like being a dog with a shock collar. If I venture too far this way or that… I’m slammed with emotional triggers that … put me back in my cage.” The feeling is all too familiar.

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