Unseen Magnitude

So… the other day it felt like the whole of physical reality opened up. No, that’s not the right way to describe it. It felt like a zipper had been unzipped and all the dna was floating around in there like some massive dmt trip.

I had a vision. I had a vision of a being. The being reminded me so much of Thich Nhat Hanh. There was no face, no form, we were in a formless place, darkness that isn’t described as darkness. It’s a weird indescribable place that place. Like the waters of Heaven if the waters of Heaven were made out of stuff that isn’t water but water is the closest thing we know of here that kinda relates, or is reminiscent of, kinda. The Being was moving past me, which would be equivalent maybe to 10 square miles of water (if everything was water) that was conscious and that sense of awareness was the only thing that caused any sense of boundary, moved past. Way off in the distance was a super duper large being, so large …and female, reminded me of the stories they tell about Quan Yin. Huge. And that one had a form, way off in the distance, and watched, in this formless place.

I had a star. It was his star. I gave him his star but he tried to give it back. He did give it back. He did not want it. I said, it is your star. He wanted to remain formless. I could not keep his star. I give them, I don’t keep them.

So I placed the star on the waters that aren’t waters and as I did so, beneath the waters he went, he was the water and moved under the light which now separated the waters… man, so hard to describe when that place of no form is so hard to describe. We think top, bottom, in, out and placing the star in the middle of this vastness created a layer… yea, layer, maybe that makes more sense. Underneath the layer where the star was placed, a whole realm was.

The realm reminded me of what a stadium looks like, bright glaring lights trained on the action but the action wasn’t a football field or a soccer field, it was a realm like earth. The lights make it be. Or it would be formless like the rest of the formless place it is a part of. The star, his star, it was out well beyond and unseen because of the glaring of these lights.

It showed me a lot. When his formless but recognizable sense slipped under the star into this realm it became clear that the star would shine light. He could walk within that light or in the shadows. He could take a body, a form or exist in the in-between places.

How do you describe beingness that requires no form but is still recognizable? And self-aware?

The majesty of those that are able to be formless form?


Two days till the other end of this here portal type doohickey comes full circle. Have you remembered to thank your gatekeepers, your bridgekeepers, your keepers of …

Many blessings ❤


6 thoughts on “Unseen Magnitude

  1. Oh great! You had a vision of Kuan Yin.

    Star… hum I am still trying to visualise and understand what you meant. Also, I am yet to experience that feeling of fluid but not water.

    The other day Kuan Yin came in vision but along with Padmasambhava. She watched over as he gave me a sword that looked like a falchion or some similar name type. Few days after I got the message that she was there to remind me who I am. Well, am still searching! And he led me to the mantra Om Ah Hun Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum.

    Thank you for the nice post.

    Thank you for your time and energy.


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    1. Star’s are like a marker in the Heavenly Realms – like our Sun is a Giant Star or Soul that is aware, so too, it is believed, do we have that essence, some big, some small but if you’re movin’, you will create light as it were.
      Interesting, AA Michael gave me his sword today and winked at me and I was thinking what on earth is this all about. I see now. When they give me stuff like that I place it away in a safe and secure location… we’ve all had enough of the war mentality to last ten kazillion lifetimes. It perpetuates the reincarnation cycle even for one who has achieved enlightenment.
      The stories are always the same but different, it is so interesting, but the lesson, the lesson remains the same, the underlying note, the presence of love that has surrendered to will, that exists despite.
      May the Great Spirit watch over you as you remember who you are.

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      1. I’m sorry but something is not right with your words in that last comment which I will not be posting. In fact, I won’t be approving any more of your comments. Something about these interactions does not feel genuine or safe. I’m ok with being wrong about that but I’ve been through enough in my life. I’m done interacting with anyone that does not feel genuine or sets my radar off as not safe.
        And again
        May the Great Spirit watch over you as you remember who you are.


  2. Oh Kuan Yin herself! Well, for me she had Padmasambhava with her. She was just present but he gave me a sword similar to what is called falchion! Or some similar name.

    Thank you for the wonderful post.

    Thank you for your time and energy.


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