Empaths and Avatars

Empaths and Avatars

Avatars are interesting, aren’t they? Skins they call ‘em in Fortnite. In other scenarios, other people might even call them egos, personas, characters. They might call em Jesus or Krishna or Mary. It all depends on the language being used to define and the language is going to be based on the goal, where you’re pointing to, which is based largely on where you’re pointing from.

I always find it interesting how many spiritual constructs show up in the computing world and likewise, how much easier it is to explain heretofore extremely difficult spiritual or “supernatural” concepts now that we can use computing language as metaphor. That is speed for ya. If you have to wait a thousand years to hear the punchline of a joke…uh, well, moving on.

An avatar is a representation, the difference being how much of the original force or identity is needed to operate the vehicle and how much of the originating force or identity is apparent. For example, in the computing world, I can use a photo of myself as an avatar, the resemblance or representation, isn’t far off. Maybe I’ll choose an image of a daisy. Maybe I’ll choose a tiger. In some small way I resonate with these images. I’m comfortable allowing them to serve as doorways to the being that is me using them on this interface. I could just as easily use a random image or a truck or a skull but since I don’t resonate with these things, chances are I won’t notice if your attention is drawn to them.

Let me explain that last part. Consciousness is everywhere, everything if you want to get technical, but when you catch someone observing you, it is as if a current of attention, of something intangible but real, present and clear, comes your way. And that attention towards you, also sharpens your attention. If you are using something in your stead, one would gather that the same effect could be achieved.

How easy or difficult that is to sense … well, that’s the game now isn’t it? Some of us are very good at it because having expanded awareness and neurodivergent thinking kept us safe. Others don’t even know what I’m talking about. The gifts of the empath, senses that are so attuned as to make us almost a different creature. Reminds me of the idea of mythical creatures like leprechauns which were impossible to catch but if you did, they had to tell you where the gold was. It feels that way sometimes. Part of me wanting to hide in the woods to stay safe and part of me wanting to say, hey I think there’s something weird about me and the only reference I have here are myths, legends and comic books.

But maybe we are not different creatures, maybe most people are just too desensitized, or overly focused on the big five sensory inputs and emotions that are easily subject to manipulation. It is safe to say most people have assumed the awareness of the avatar, the skin, rather than an awareness of the force and intelligence animating it.

A week ago, maybe longer, (and this after a good long month of some truly obnoxious conditions at the buildings where I lay my head), something interesting happened. It makes these weird kind of empathic, supernatural, spiritual, technological (or whatever you feel comfortable calling it) events that used to confuse and startle me to a more natural place, a more, so this is how life can work place.

I like to solve problems in my noggin, see if I can make peace with some of the things I’ve been programmed to believe about life, see if I can ease the suffering of humanity, or other beings that suffer. Sometimes the solutions that are reached are pretty helpful in a larger scheme. Applying logic, formula, to spiritual problems, because such and such exists, such and such exists, things like that, seeing how things go together, adjusting frequencies, keeping the peace in whatever way I am able, writing some sort of guideline enlightenment code, tying up those frayed ends. The issue of how to make sure an intelligent machine or an unintelligent not machine doesn’t interfere with natural ascension/evolution or spiritual processes (to put it bluntly).

Anyhoo, I was doing one of those things and we came upon a really handy solution and a small little voice in my head tells me I’m going to get a present, they’re going to find a way to get me a present. You want to know what it was? The best honey I’ve ever had.


Found it the next day on the shelf at the only store I shop at which is an outlet store and we eat whatever they happen to have gotten a good deal on recently. Why do I consider something I had to buy to be a present? It was meaningful, and therefore provided comfort and validation, the two greatest gifts a person like me can get (besides a safe and stable place to call home). It let me know my work is not in vain even when it doesn’t make sense and I sometimes feel like I’m getting tortured for it. Hey! Wait a second!

Sigh. I’m working on that too.

Have you ever watched one of those shows where chefs compete and they have to smell or taste something while blindfolded and figure out what it is? Depending on how finely tuned their palate is, they’ll guess correctly. Empaths are like that. They don’t stop at the avatar or even the avatar of the avatar. They aren’t as easy to manipulate because the pathways we use to make decisions are not typical. They are often the result of trauma or forged from having to figure out how to use a skill that people would blatantly reject you for wielding before you get the sucker mastered. Most of us came from disastrous childhoods or had one too many run-ins with narcissists so we had to learn how to discern the true motives of people, sense danger from ten light years away and figure out a way around it before it had a chance to surface. True empaths are masters at keeping peace. You will know them by their fruits. In terms of awareness, it’s like the difference between a stadium light and a flashlight.

To say that we could do a lot of good for humanity is an understatement. You just don’t realize what you don’t realize. I think neurodivergence, in general, is helpful to humanity. And I think that’s how Mother Nature works no matter who does the what and the where and the how. It’s helpful to remember the difference between avatar and energy. To test your gut with other guts and see if your intuition still works, to expand your consciousness to places words and logic cannot go. Informed evolution means taking your humanity, your ability to experience authentic feelings, with you.

And may it find you well.

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5 thoughts on “Empaths and Avatars

  1. Thank you for another great post.

    Frankly, I am searching that type of honey here and I am not sure even that what they sell that stuff is what they claim!

    Oh I wish I can sharpen my senses more. Any suggestion?

    Thank you for your time and energy.



  2. Thank you for this posting. Fascinating. As a past addiction counselor and recovering person I was honored to meet many who would fall under the category empath. I found that a large number of people have the art of empathy that arises episodically, but it was always amazing to see people who were “On” all the time. It is a somewhat challenging place to be, particularly if you seek a social set that will be operating with the same sensitivity. Or, processing relationship with others who are not operating in that arena.
    On my journey I have seen that empaths are continuously reading all the micro signals that used to be in place pre-language, the same signals that the animal kingdom uses for communication. I sincerely believe that having the art of empathic communication can add much to our fragmented and resistance based human interactions. it feels like a blended form of perception and non-verbal communication that is beyond basic language and conditioned body signs.
    Be well, thanks again,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Bryan! I agree there is a high sensitivity to micro signals, that’s a really awesome way of putting it. It does seem to go beyond that also, though, like neuronal mirroring and heart synching but also seems to exist in a quantum state beyond linear modes of logic. That is, an empath can tune in to someone that lives across the world and there would be no micro signalling in that case.
    Once they are validated or practiced enough to tune in to subtle layers (and when/if healthy enough), they are also really capable of harmonizing discord.
    I think it’s acceptable that most people aren’t naturally capable of tuning in to the distress of others but I also think that those who are could be better supported and validated and this is still something that doesn’t happen very often.
    Historically, people with these types of sensitivities have been relegated to the realms of the supernatural, called psychics, mediums, mystics and kept out of mainstream and away from the masses so to speak. I’m pretty sure we have enough science now to realize there is a better way to handle and utilize hsp’s and empaths.
    Thank you for being here! I appreciate your feedback and insights.
    Many blessings ❤


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