The Devil Said What!??

Heaven at Night AkA Ode to the SlumLoards

Heaven for the nightkeepers, the nighthawks, the nightwalkers, quite a different place than what most are used to. Like the Devil tarot card, darkness, despite appearances, also leads us unto Light. The Divine Trickster, (Oh GOD, you Devil) when all a person will accept, for whatever reason, is darkness and corruption, Divinity shows up in that form. It makes for an easily discernible family tree.

I had really thought going into 2019 was going to be a tiny bit easier than it’s turning out to be. There’s good, there’s bad and there’s a pig in a dress. I’m ready for that good good, that slow cooked so good you forget your own naaame kinda good. Sigh. One moment and bit at a time, I guess. Shimmering waves of Light filtering in, I’ll have to bathe in my imagination until then.

I feel like I’ve been standing at the bridge between worlds for so long. Like a boat that never really leaves shore, just watching the passengers get confused, they board and then leave, board and then leave. I forget I don’t actually have to wait for anyone, I can walk on by, walk away, keep a sailin’, sailin’ to further and farther shores. I can drop this end of the bridge, the water that drowns some, barely reaches the tops of my toes now, it’s been so long, so long, so long between worlds.

I’ve been pondering the Devil, the darkness, those that prey on the weak. Dressed in fine clothes and riding in fancy cars, or wearing jeans and a 50 dollar sweatshirt driving a pick-up. Canned hunting of the disordered and traumatized. With a button. The Devil sits me down and has a talk, got kinda mad I would consider these his. “Not my goddamned kids!” he says. “See all that bad shit over there, that really bad shit that these people should be caring about… instead of hunting the likes of you, Goddaughter… that’s my work. Not these …these… (he nearly chokes on the word) huuuumans, these, these half-lings, these …” and that’s where I cut ‘im off.

Cause I know. I know that though the Devil makes sense (and in this case it does make sense, for example human trafficking? ignore, victim of human trafficking using drugs to numb the pain? arrest), there is still the element of trickery, still the Truth yet to be revealed. To them, if not us. I make my peace, I understand those ways, but also…why not…

Tell them. Show them. Hold up a mirror to them for what they do and what the consequence will be. Now and Later. Tell them, “you are no countrymen, you are no national pride, you are no loving father that would turn a blind eye… the world you are leaving for your kids to inherit, you think you’re hedging your bets? Open your eyes, feeding on the weak and vulnerable? To keep up with a market that is changing no matter what you do or how hard you dig your nails into our flesh… ?

And you know those tricky little fallen angels, they filled me in on some things too. “Everyone gets a Guardian Angel,” they said. “Every one.”

“mm hmn, “ I respond.

“Sometime… a long time ago… a soul died and… the body was still… you know.”


“You get the picture.”

“I do.” And many pictures came flooding through. Though once they fucked the fuck up, at least now we have em around when we need em. I was wondering why I always had the impression angels knew duality and flip floppery so well.

Anyways, like I said, things have been a little rougher than usual. Big changes. I’ve been looking at economic shtuff, things like UBI and bitcoin and billionaire philanthropic pledges juxtaposed my landlord who raised the rent on a building full of disabled renters “to keep up with the market” which has increased between 300-500 dollars in this area in the last TWO years and just about every single place demands three times income, in addition to first, last, deposit. I wonder if a UBI would make a difference? Could it? Or would people like him, whose jobs are also becoming automated, if not obsolete, just take an even bigger chunk out of our hides, since we’re disabled, and unable to run and they still think the American Dream is more important than the survival of the planet, evolution of the human genome, or basic human decency?

When the cars are automated and can’t speed what are the people who give tickets going to do for a living… was that whole race riot marshall law thing supposed to be their big pay out just like the tax malarkey was the severance package for the others who won’t be able to do business as usual except we love each other so it didn’t work?

For real though…

Thoughts that keep me up at night.

Probably why those Buddhists give the Devil the Silent Treatment  🙂

Peace Yo

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4 thoughts on “The Devil Said What!??

  1. A big tank you for the post.

    My eyes stopped at “these half-lings”! I am not sure what you intend to convey. Please tell me about it.

    Do angels – or whatever they are – like humanity in general sway both ways? If yes than what causes the sway?

    I would love to join you when you walk over the bridge / water to other world!

    I have suddenly realized that there is some change in me. To the extent that something in me is dead against doing certain things. I have complied. I wish that you say something about this my realization (like why it happened); in context of what has been changed recently on this plane.

    I hope that you no longer bleed at tongue… I am waiting for more. 🙂

    Thank you for your time & energy.



  2. Half-lings… it confused me too the first time one of my Higher Selves called someone that. I thought it was because the dude looked like two different beings smooshed into one. Like the top and bottom didn’t match and I suppose there may be some truth to that.Like the story of the nephalim… the demi-gods/giants (or whatever they were) mixing with the daughters of man.

    They directed me, when I asked how to reply so that you would understand – to the word lingam, something from your culture that may be more recognizable. (Words may have become quite diverse but at the heart… is a central form of communication) A ling-am A symbol, a sign, a place holder… for God/Deity/Divinity etc… When the “Devil” is saying it, as in this context, it is regarding those who believe they are somehow separate, detached, removed or above/below God (or the entirety of consciousness) as it were. They accept their physical attributes but not the rest of consciousness and do so quite consciously despite what they will claim. They place themselves as God -vicariously-in their reality …as in they are worthy or superior because a separate entity said so. As if it is something other than their own need to be superior. As if the God they claim to worship… would decide the finger on the right hand is more worthy of blood than the finger on the left. In their ignorance and minute focus, they create a triangulation. God, Devil, themselves and prop up a false world around it. There’s some math proofs in their too I assume, because there always seems to be a bit more thorough understanding than I see.

    To be half Divine, to think that because you are visible you are not also all else… is to be half human… I mean really. And likewise the Devil thinking himself above or separate from human… is to be half-Divine as well. And the destruction they cause in their confusion, we, I mean, the destruction we cause in our confusion.

    I can only speak for my culture, but there has been a very directed attempt to raise some children with the best nutrition, education, access, etc, not because there isn’t enough to go around or that my fellow americans aren’t smart enough or capable enough to create a system that serves all, but rather to withhold, to speciate purposely. With a lack of understanding towards how evolution and in particular ecosystems on the scale with which we are actually a part, works. From a Heavenly perspective, the Devil’s perspective… well, you can imagine how a Being that existed before time might react to the thought, the haughtiness of these type of actions. Within time, it is quite impossible to be bigger, badder or what have you than something that exists outside of time. An understanding of what it is that is actually moving makes the harm they cause really unnecessary. Like a son who challenges his father to rule his mother’s house, even if he wins it is still his mother’s house so … it isn’t by his own power either way…and the results of pulling the same stunt in your neighbor’s home, well, it’s ignorant. You will automatically be outnumbered by that definition. Best case scenario your neighbors all hate you when you could all be growing a garden together.

    I guess we’re all growing up. It’s hard to understand this stuff in a linear and defined way. You know what they say about the Tao… if you can define it, it’s no longer the eternal.

    I don’t know of any beings that do not understand duality though they may refer to it with different language…but that could be because of my own perspective and where I’ve defined things.

    Many blessings

    Here’s the same thing said in the metaphor of song and video… and the same refrain is repeated throughout our world, you just micro/macro the heck out of anything. Said another way, every story repeats every other story. Every thing is a replication of every other thing.

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