Ra Ba Ca Ma

Ra Ba Ca Ma

Welp. Yeah, you know what the welp means. Weirderies. Strangeness. Time Lord stuff. Cool, but hard to relay. I’ll see if I can get you up to speed.

How do I explain this one? So… I’m reading a book for fun right now. Been at this “messages in a bottle” thing for a few months. The book is by Rick Riordan, “The Throne of Fire”, he does a whole bunch of those scifi fantasy type young adult novels. Gods, monsters, heroes, myths and so on and so forth. Pretty helpful when you want to gather information and need a little impetus for question asking.

Libraries are beautiful, amazing, God spaces and books can trigger memories, insights, ideas and direction at a pace the human mind can actually apply. Don’t forsake them.

The one I’m investigating this time is about Ra, about Egyptian gods, magicians, things like that. Ra and Chaos. Magicians who can channel the energy of gods and goddesses. There is an interesting few passages I’ll share with you because there are lessons and relevances here that relate to some other things and taken all together, well, I thought it might help, for others to see how I have been taught – directly- from and by the Universe. Obscurities that help you find the most obscure, meaningful and game changing connections.

When you see, when you have eyes to see and ears to hear, there is nothing here, experienced via human consciousness, that cannot be turned into a valuable insight and measuring rod. And you’re going to need it. Oh, humanity, are you ever.

                “Her transparent body flickered. When I looked more closely, I saw it was composed of images, like a 3-D video of Jaz’s life.”


“Egyptians believed there were five different parts of the soul. The ba is the personality. The ren is —”

“Your name,” I remembered. “But how can that be your name?”

“My name is my identity,” she said. “The sum of my experiences. As long as my name is remembered, I still exist, even if I die. Do you understand?”


“Isis leaned forward. I thought Ra would whisper his name in her ear, but instead he grasped her hand and placed it against his withered brow. Her fingertips smoldered. She tried to pull away, but Ra held her wrist. The sun god’s entire form glowed with fiery images of his long life: the first dawn; his sun boat shining on the newly risen land of Egypt; the creation of the other gods and mortal men; Ra’s endless battles with Apophis as he passed through the Duat each night, keeping Chaos at bay. It was too much to take in – centuries passing with each heartbeat. His secret name was the sum of his experience and even then, in those ancient times, Ra was unthinkably old. The fiery aura spread to Isis’s hand, traveling up her arm until her whole body was wreathed in flames. She screamed once. Then the fires died. Isis collapsed, smoke curling from her dress.”


“I’d never thought about it before, but the ren was the same as one’s secret name. It was more than just a special word. The secret name is your darkest thoughts, your most embarrassing moments, your biggest dreams, your worst fears, all wrapped together. It’s the sum of your experiences, even those you’d never want to share. Your secret name makes you who you are.

That’s why a secret name has power. It’s also why you couldn’t simply hear someone repeat a secret name and know how to use it. You had to know that person and understand their life The more you understood the person, the more power their name could yield. You could only learn a secret name from the person himself –or from the person closest to his heart.”


So… day before yesterday I was having a conversation with some of my imaginary friends. We decide to meet in dreamtime, I make an offhand comment, something like, good luck with that, I never remember my dreams. I remembered this one. I woke and checked the clock, 9:33. Are you paying attention? Good. I can tell you what the dude looked like, I can tell you that there was a weird connection to Alex Grey, the artist. Symbolism, I’m guessing. Most of the time we understand that everything in a dream may have particular relevance, we often don’t realize that the exact same thing is true of our waking life. We all would do well to start seeing, really seeing and appreciating each other, the awakened, Divine state of each other.

Two things came through my dream. One, the dude that reminded me of Alex had me wear and utilize headphones for clearing out the pineal gland. The other, a person that showed up (she was throwing up in my dream and nausea often happens when crossing dimensions) was the woman who watched my child while I was homeless the first time. I shouldn’t call that one homelessness, it was more fed to the wolves which turned into vision quest which turned into activation which turned into game over motherfuckers than homelessness, but whatevs and who’s counting. Tic tock.

Her name was Rebecca. Hence the title of this blog Ra Ba Ca Ma. I’m guessing. I don’t know, I heard the title as I was sitting to write and figured what it meant would show up as I went. It did. People often think I know this stuff beforehand, I usually don’t. I’m not trying to teach and I’m not regurgitating. I’m being communicated with and trying to provide record of that. The gift I was given is called Discernment and man, does the world need a whole lotta that right now. Which is why I think my life is set up in this weird situation where I don’t seem to be able to do anything but correct misinformation, send the TRUTH out and hold the field against nonstop attacks from sons of bitches that like to control through lying and manipulation.

Ra Ba Ca …sounds an awful lot like Rebecca. Enough to get my attention anyways.

And Rebecca? That means connection. It also means the mother of Jacob. Which I am.

So anyways, whole bunch of weirderies I’m still sorting through. I’m going to throw this Ted talk in for ya, it matters. I feel like I’ve been battling for my own mindspace most of my life but pretty damn fiercely for humanity at large the last few years. Justice? Remuneration? God. I don’t even have the words yet to describe what has taken place… even the ones who know don’t know… the depths.

I’ll write more when I’ve finished processing a few things. Your kind thoughts my way are very much appreciated.

Peace ❤


8 thoughts on “Ra Ba Ca Ma

  1. Thank you for the post.

    Well, I am way below your level but I guess you are bound by something and that has to do with your son as well as something else; which I am not sure. Do you have tattoos? I mean something very different & symbolic yet very hidden symbol?

    First I thought to tell you to go listen some vibrations for easy removal of thoughts / ideas / past… but all of sudden I find that I shouldn’t. However, I thought better to let you know, if sharing this could be helpful to you in anyway.

    Tell me about this thing… the secret name! I have read somewhere something short n sweet about one aspect of it… but I am not sure about what it said.

    I also thought that I was given the gift of discernment as well as spontaneity! But, looking to you… either I am a would be apprentice to discernment or I do not have it at all.

    Always waiting for your posts.

    Thank you and namasté.

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    1. Secret names… basically your energetic signature. An interesting way to look at it is to see the whole existence as differing levels, bands of frequencies, waves and collapsed waves and from there knowing those differing frequencies, the resonance needed to undo (or permit) a transference. Some of those energies are so different than what we normally experience in our regular old life, so subtle or out of the ordinary as to appear supernatural or mystical or otherworldly. And in essence, because of that, they are. Some beings have such an expanded consciousness, that they ever existed, has changed humanity. Discernment is recognizing the subtle differences in patterns and frequencies. Mastery is when you learn how to utilize them. Avatar or Creator status comes when you introduce new vibrations not otherwise experienced. Food for thought anyways…


  2. Thank you very much for the reply.

    I am getting what you have said. I am getting few questions in my head now! Does the frequencies and hence resonance change, as we awaken or expand consciousness? With those change do our secret name changes too? With the clarifications given, I now better understand what I have read about secret name! Thank you once again.

    With what you explained to me, yes I can say that I am an apprentice into discernment. I am somewhere finding subtle difference in patterns. Somewhere, I sense that though it appears to be similar, either it is mimicking to avoid detected or it is consciously creating an illusion / deception.

    Mystery is somewhat mysterious for me! How I utilized them I am not sure; but somewhere I have somehow applied it without knowing how, where and why! Is it strange? Or normal?

    I find always food for thought from you. Thank you for being a teacher.

    Thank you for your time & energy.


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    1. Those questions remind me of the age old philosophical one… if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound. As far as I can tell, our DNA is an interface. to what degree and how impactful, I believe we are still investigating that.
      Maybe we’re all individual big bangs trying to piece ourselves back together.


  3. Good question! Without observer, there is no action!?!

    If a tree of other dimension falls and I can’t hear it… then? 😉

    True, DNA is portal and also they are not fixed but dynamic!

    That’s a good observation of individual big bangs! I would say when we piece back together individually; we will piece back to be single! As above so below! As with in as with out!

    Thank you for your time & energy.



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