Rebuilding the Temple

There is a freedom in the knowing and also quite a bit of …hmm, unexplainable wordlessness. This particular alignment, and new moon, is quite something. Quite something.

I had to clear some old density. Trauma, shadows, testing of boundaries. You simply wouldn’t believe the tom fuckery that showed up so I’m going to keep it to myself for now until I’ve dealt with it or released it sufficiently.

New moons. New moons are great for setting down those fresh seedlings. Or taking stock of what you want to continue pruning. The recurrent theme of my strange life? I seem to have trouble answering the question, What Am I… Anomaly, Peacemaker, Angel, Goddess, my own Knight in Shining Armor…

I think I’m finally over the angst of the materialists in the room. I no longer feel compelled to be shamed by their aggressive defense of their… ideologies. Just know, I held on as long as I could because I loved you so… I loved you so deeply, I learned to breathe under water.

I understand the way the world works and walls moving at the will of three-year-old’s doesn’t sit nice and easy. I get it. I understand the desire for irrefutable structure. The want of those walls staying where you put them. And yet…

Three-year old’s grow up eventually. We all grow up eventually.

Anyhoo… it was fun having a body. It was fun having a soul. Having a body with a soul integrated? Priceless. The rebuilding of the temple…

Peace ❤


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