Me & SNL have the same number of seasons

We all shine on…


Hey, guess what? It’s almost my birthday! Just a few wee hours away. I’ve been thinking over so many stories, highlights of my life and loves, what to write about, what to share, what to express in order to connect, to be heard if not seen, to be felt, if not understood.

I could tell you sad stories, mad stories, psychedelic fad stories. I could tell you inspirational gut crunchers, tear jerking heart melters, make you feel good about your lot in life, or guilty for not caring more about mine, or their’s or her’s or his or your own.

I could show you a peek into my naked self, allow your inner voyeur a preview behind the veil of my body, a map through the labyrinth of this mindscape, a journey into the realms of my soul… where it connects or waltzes past our collective soul… whose steps and steps and steps lead us unto THEE SOUL… from whence we came.

You see, Life is still a titch precarious. I’ve changed in ways that defy common sense. But I suppose the few that ever knew me, and there are very few, will still recognize the one that was hiding all along… waiting, waiting, molding, modeling, trying out and testing, getting everything just so… unwilling to reveal the true pearl to just anyone…yea, I’ve come to realize there are few paths out of poverty. Fortunately, one of those is enlightenment.

I’m half-heartedly writing stuff that needs to be written. Another book before the skies open up, or to keep the skies sealed just a little bit longer? I forget. Or don’t know. Or haven’t yet decided. I don’t mean to be obtuse. But I am.

Here’s to blowing out all forty-four candles and using my wishes to create even more happiness.

For many, many years now, I’ve received an unexpected something every birthday from my Heavenly Fam fam. One year I was sent to Denver for work. I sat at the near empty hotel bar and got to preach to a man who loved God, but wasn’t sure if God loved him back, a man who was ashamed of himself, who didn’t want to think about what his church family back home would think of him sitting at a bar in Denver, getting drunk with a strange woman and swearing to boot!!

The moments I have been able to let the fullness of Divine Love out of my Being to Shine unencumbered on another have all been the best moments of my life. It’s hard to see God in your own eyes. It is not hard to see God reflected in the eyes of another when you’ve surrendered your ego and stepped fully into the flow of Divine Presence J Thank you to everyone who has ever let me do that…

So here’s a giving back. A reverse birthday present. I’m about 20 thousand words into this one. I wanted to call it From Homeless to Enlightened but my Higher Self reminds me no one will buy it if they see the word Homeless in it. Some day they’ll realize what they’ve cast lots for… Until then, until we all know the meaning of the word Home when we look into each other’s eyes…may this find you well.

Chapter 4

Our journey begins with understanding the mortal heart. The yucky messy stuff of life. Maya. The grand illusionist. The elephant wearing the blind fold trying to guess what manner of creature is touching its arse and ear and tail.

The mortal heart is the energy field produced from thought and emotion, expressed through the genetic vehicle and accompanying perceptions you inherited. It is a recording device, essentially. That also plays movies we have a starring role in, much to our confusion.

Accessing the mortal heart and accepting it for what it is will lead you to the doorway of your immortal heart, the seat of your true nature, the silent witness, the transcendent unified field and from there, entrance into the realm of Divine will.

Not God’s will, not Jesus’ or Krishna or any other named or unnamed deity’s will, YOUR Divine will. As in, equal to. Divine, because every little bit of your garbage must be taken out and dealt with in order to erupt creatively from a place of true will, otherwise, you’re just cause and effecting all over again. Creating loops and hoops you alone will be jumping through. And witnessing.

It is through Divine will that transcendence, peace, bliss and literal creation becomes possible. Where creation is not obviously peace and bliss, it is an aspect of the mortal heart, distortions in the pure patterning at the core of creation as we have come to understand it. Transient and impermanent by design, what we perceive to be manifest and sure is in fact ruthlessly unstable. It’s like putting two and two together and living your life calling it five hoping no one will notice. Attracting like unto like is not creation. Lint can do that.

Behind the instability of these perceptions resides the fountain waiting to be drunk, waiting to water tangible divinity. Your tangible divinity. It only becomes such when it is created from and not perceived as separate from will. Without demand, without toil, and without claim. That which is divinely willed into existence cannot be undone. In the beginning was the word…


4 thoughts on “Me & SNL have the same number of seasons

  1. Happy Birthday. Thank you for best return gift ever!

    I am thanking all those who led me to your blogs and you for giving me this gift of thoughts, ideas, understanding, changing perceptions and what not!

    Every time, I go through your blogs I am changing if not much then by bits and pieces! Your writing is known and unknown, understood and yet not understood…

    The best thing that I find is that (in your own words): “I could show you a peek into my naked self, allow your inner voyeur a preview behind the veil of my body, a map through the labyrinth of this mindscape, a journey into the realms of my soul… where it connects or waltzes past our collective soul… whose steps and steps and steps lead us unto THEE SOUL… from whence we came.”

    Thank you very much for all.

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