Collective Crazies

Knee deep in some of the ugliest clearings ever. The elephant in the room is stampeding, starting shit on fire, using piss water to put out those fires, and still… so many people wondering why those of us who can see the elephant don’t go get some heavy duty psych meds and shut the fuck up already.

I’ve tried the psych med route, tried it for nearly 20 years, maybe more. It never made that elephant disappear just let me know that everyone else thought the problem was me so I better… I better…. I better.


Same shit, different set of newbs.

As complicated as we can make the stories, they are also very, very simple. Do unto others… means absolutely nothing to most. And not always, in fact not usually, because people are cold-hearted unevolved meanie butts. It’s usually because they are deeply wounded, afraid or confused. They don’t know. They don’t know what they don’t know and they sure as shit don’t know who to trust. When you trust yourself… you don’t have to wonder about anyone else. But it can get lonely.

You know what kind of frequencies they sent through the collective that the Light caught to be healed? I kid you not, it was that resistance is futile shite. Must succumb to being a robot, transhuman, hybrid, (insert monotone voice) I don’t know what they were thinking. Remote controlled humans. And the funny thing was, the humans who were being controlled were getting all mad at those who weren’t because well, let me put it this easier way, the bullies were basically complaining that those who used to be bullied weren’t letting them bully them anymore as if not being bullied was violating the free will rights of the bullies… to bully indiscriminately. Not kidding. That was the argument.

Whew. Still want them spiritual gifts opened up? Just kidding, you should unlock all of your potential, and ignore the massive disinformation and confusing bunch of narratives surrounding this, that or the other historical retelling or reenactment of life on planet earth. It’s all bullshit to someone, somewhere.

It is interesting how negative certain storylines are surrounding technology. Just like the bad press women with “spiritual gifts” used to get… they were called witches remember? And usually for being more intelligent, not even using any sort of supernatural anything.

You know what other kind of weirdness passed my mind this morning in the wake of some of these crazy frequencies being cleansed? That all these bad dudes and dudettes that thought they were wagin war on God and God’s Children were actually picking a fight with Hades him/herself. You weren’t stealing from God, you were stealing from the one that governs … well, you know.

So, anyways, hate to be the bearer of the obvious news but … that was really dumb.

We’ll leave a Light on for you, you know, cause we ARE Light.

Peace ❤


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