On Meditation

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Welp, been an interesting couplea days. I should just stop saying that cause not interesting just ain’t happenin anymore. Fruitful. Working on that Light of a Thousand Suns thing. Good stuff.

I’ve been doing a new chakra clearing for the last, I don’t know, month maybe. I am so appreciative of these things showing up in my awareness to try out, like a new food but for my spiritual body. I’ve gained a deeper sense of clarity and trust than I’ve been able to hold for extended periods. Gently bringing myself into balance and harmony with what was, what is and where I am going.

It’s hard to decide where you are going when you don’t understand the “you” in that statement. Understanding the you, understanding what it is to be a human being, a conscious, interacting miracle, makes it a whole lot easier to truly conceive and perceive your intent.

I watched a cool series on the medicine wheel and the 12 steps. (He’s a great teacher and if you want to help people I highly recommend understanding what’s being taught – video here). I’ve been working on a book for like 5000 years now that integrates different modalities of spiritual expression and knowledge into something that allows a person to heal from all the not God stuff they subjected themselves to and renew their commitment to be a good God or Child of God depending on how mature one is (insert Divine Laughter here). Anyhoo… we have so many tools available to us and for us, to explore what it means to be a conscious being with will. Where consciousness and will interact is fascinating.

When attempting to heal oneself, get in harmony with All that Is, a review of natural, normal and healthy human development, to get clear on where things mighta gone off the rails can be helpful. A cautionary word would be to not get stuck in stopping your forward momentum to make peace with your past. They can occur at the same time once a little Trust is reestablished.

I’m integrating some pretty weird stuff, now that I’ve gotten a little more clarity, a little room to breathe and expand. At some point in the last couple of days while I was doing a breathing exercise. Hold one nostril closed, in, out, hold the other nostril closed, in, out. I used a mudra, a hand position, that I had not previously. My body seems to be pretty smart about knowing what the rest of my being can take. My left arm turned into a whole bunch of arms and when I switched to doing the nostril holding thing with my other hand, my right hand felt like it had more fingers! The feeling was so strange! Had to sit and watch it for a minute because the sensation that there should be another finger even though I couldn’t physically see it was intense.

It’s funny, I’ve heard it said that mediation is boring. Meditation is many things, a time to heal, a time to get quiet, a time for union with the Divine, but if it feels boring either you’re avoiding or not ready to look within or you’re supposed to be active, like advanced walking meditation, mindful and present as you move and interact with your reality.

The other relevant new thing I witnessed I hope these words can do justice to. Even in my half asleep, trying to figure out how to be spiritual and mostly experiencing chaos younger days, I was aware of the concept of a silver cord that connected me to my Heavenly Self. Apparently there is a similar sort of thing that roots you to earth. Kinda reminded me of those images you see of the old ball and chain. A chain that wasn’t really a chain with a ball planted deep in the earth. Never noticed that before, never heard much mention of it outside of that old movie about Christmas. Don’t know that I would’ve found it if it wasn’t for all of the spiritual teachers and inner explorers sharing what they found. I feel free in a way that the word free cannot convey.

I have a pretty active mental and emotional space so meditation for me is a time to give them both permission to do nothing, to sit and be loved by God for a minute, just loved, just breathing, just held in the sacred space of my heart experiencing life. No expectations, nothing to figure out, nothing to need or want or survive, just held in the Light and Love and Compassion of my Soul in Union. Images come and images go and yet, I remain.

We’ve come a long way, explored a lot of territory these last few years. I finally turned ninety degrees on the ol medicine wheel. Finally healed enough emotional waters to travel over dry land, ground and explore this next level of co-creation with a little more intention than I previously knew was possible.

Many blessings today and every day.



2 thoughts on “On Meditation

  1. I deeply appreciate your sharing. I find that the meditative mind is a bridge to living life fully. Not something to do but something to be. The art of Being is well worth exploring. I will order a copy of the book. Be well.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I agree the meditative mind leads to a fullness that ends the constant drive towards seeking rather than being. I still remember the feel of habit, craving, seeking, and the fear associated with those… every day the bonds grow looser and most days, I knit with them 🙂 Peace, many blessings ❤ And Thank you for being here


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