Lately, there’s been a few deep confusions being healed in my core. A revival of my soul. A cleansing of my sensitive heart. They say that ignorance is bliss and sometimes it is. A leaf falls and I hear the reminder, not a leaf falls without my awareness. Every leaf, every movement. Known. Carefully acknowledged. I am a leaf. I am known. I am carefully acknowledged. I take that ONE that would so carefully and gently acknowledge me and I say, look, what is that? Look, here, why is that?

I was reading the comments posted on a video about social anxiety. So many echo the refrain, I shut down, I close up, I attempt to make myself small and invisible in order not to be judged. Dear, sweet hearts that they are, that we all are, that is not judgment. That is bullying. Judgment carries many qualities, one of which is rational discernment. Another important aspect is the ability to critically think. To critically think one must be engaged in an openness, a self-awareness that is both humble and curious. Judgment, to be true, must come from a willingness to correct oneself, not another. A self-discipline honed from the roots of compassion and a desire to comprehend the truth of Divinity. A nod to fallibility and humility or it is not judgment, it is a power over others, a desire to control because there is distrust in both the self and natural law.

Perhaps it would be easier to acknowledge, heal, move beyond if we saw it for what it was. The why’s of bullying. Why would anyone bully? What does bullying even mean? It’s like setting a guard dog out to bark at anything that moves. And what would need that type of all-encompassing protection? Fear of unlovability? Fear of rejection? Whose roots are always shame. Shame either because an act or thought or desire is not in line with the soul’s true intent or shame because a belief crept in that some part knows isn’t true, creating a distortion, operating from less than full encompassing of the self which is a discomfort there, to bring one back in line with fullness.

It kinda feels like the thing we all need to heal from. And that healing will come from holding each other in an inclusive brace of love, eyes open, authentic presence. We’ve turned social shaming into a game of one-upsmanship that nobody wins.

I read an article this morning about targeted individuals. Like social shaming on steroids. Glad to see it being brought to the light. I pray for the full restoration of those affected. There are many things I’ve shared in my blog pages about difficult events in my life, there are others that are still too painful to mention.

The best way, the most fruitful offering we can give each other, especially those who have been traumatized, victimized, bullied no matter the scale, is validation, support and encouragement. Every time I’ve had to heal from something not so pleasant, the little reaching out, the rays of sunshine that let me know I’m heard, loved, witnessed, allows my soul to feel peace, love, community, hope. Reach out to those who have felt bullied, let them know they are loved. It has made one of the biggest differences in my life. And I know that I am not alone.

May we continue to feel the strength of compassion, and the nurturing of each other’s goodness in all ways. And thank you to those who’ve reached out and offered their countenance when I needed it most.


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