All Better

Happy Sunday Beautiful People. I spent a few days in the mountains. Nothing like good ol volcano energy to clean the cobwebs and shadow aspects from your cellar. Spent some time with in-between world, had a conversation with a Heavenly Soul and reunited with my core. Good stuff.

I don’t have much to report because there’s too much to report. I will say that it was nice to get a break from antagonism so I could remember who I am. I think the most appropriate quote here would be one by Bruce Lee, Be like Water.

I was glad to have the lesson on boundaries resolved. Not the most pleasant way of getting the information but important. After multiple attempts to get the situation resolved, I finally had to put the whole kit and kaboodle in a giant cup and hand it off to my Father. “Take this cup from me.” My clarity restored, my heart can again feel free. To create, to inspire, to release the bonds.

It was interesting, while I was off communing with things bigger than myself, a friend advised me to make a list of my dreams and desires and wants and so forth. It was a little difficult to allow myself to dream and want. I’ve been so burdened, as many have, by the idea that to want is a bad thing. About nine-tenths of my list was directed towards life on planet earth becoming even better for the entirety of planet earth. Because that’s what makes me actually happy. Taking care of my physical vessel, that isn’t a want, that is non negotiable. I don’t know how we ever got into the habit of self-denial to the point we’ve accepted the worst case scenario and calling it righteous. Healthy, happy humans. Mastery over the flesh comes pretty naturally when your heart generally wants the Truth of your Being to be made clear.

The things that need improvement aren’t hard. Sometimes, we just stop thinking we deserve it, get stuck believing good things aren’t everyone’s preference. I suppose that’s probably the worst thing about false light, or reflected light, when you stop and think about it. It’s a lot more helpful to keep your eye single, as it were, allowing the reality swirling around you to be a reflection of your consciousness and your consciousness, aware it is one with the Creator of your soul is going to allow for Creation on a level no amount of tomfoolery can compete with.

“Behold I make all things new.” And I am.

Peace ❤

[For those who are curious about some of the Cosmic/Universal goings on from trustworthy people, these are two I can recommend from my Highest Heart]


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