Just to be clear…

I read an article earlier today that was one of those addressed to the spiritual community, lightworker types, the awakening ones. There were a few things said in that article that are …what’s a good word? Repugnant.

It was about telepathic communication. I got the impression it was suggesting that consciousness and communication were one in the same. Unity consciousness yields a space of no privacy. I think the exact words were: “Recent inner-actions with various “others” have shown much. One person was unaware that her “mind could be read” and her thoughts were “not her own” anymore, and that she couldn’t “hide anything”

Really? What about Sovereign Beings? Free will? How does that fit in with you don’t even get to own your own thoughts? What about the fact that we live in the age of information…? I can’t go into your house and eat if I’m hungry so should you be able to step into my mind, take what you want without regard to the vessel and soul with which it is integrally tied?

I do not give my permission. If and when I do give my permission, I state that explicitly.  YOU do NOT have my permission. When I do give it, it is checked, rechecked and revoked or paused when need be. All parties of mature, honest, authentic and loving character would and will readily accept and respect boundaries, especially ones of such a private space. Especially when these sorts of sensitivities largely result from severe childhood trauma…

Anyways, just needed to make that abundantly clear. Being an enlightened, gifted, HUMAN does not negate individual commonly understood means of interaction. That’s why we knock before we enter even close acquaintances homes, unless it is explicitly stated. I didn’t sign up to live in poverty while self proclaimed spiritual teachers rifle through my mind and sell the information as their own. Just to be abundantly clear.

Technology, both metaphysical and material are beautiful tools. In the right hands.

Be kind.


6 thoughts on “Just to be clear…

  1. I find this very thought-provoking, and I think you’re on to something here.

    I think that thoughts may be formed at the heart in Universal Mind, but once they have entered into an individual mind (yours or mine), we process them according to our will, and they become original – our own possessions or “babies” in a sense. We also have the right and power to “lock” our minds from instrusive entities out to steal or claim our own thoughts, and this goes for any other component of the human entity; that is, mind, body, soul, heart, or spirit.

    I also think people tend to confuse the legitimate transcendence of the ego with a dissolution or damaging of the True or Higher Self, which ironically only emerges when the false ego is shed. That mistaken philosophy amounts to little more than violation on the part of those who would take self-serving advantage of the ones who have no rule over their spirits. It’s somewhat analogous to the approach of those who would find my Spot and rob me in my sleep when I was homeless, sometimes waking me, sometimes leading to violence. Now I have doors, walls, and locks that embrace my abode, so that thieves and vandals do not enter in so readily. They move on and seek an easier mark. If we fail to secure our own minds in a similar fashion, we fall pray to all kinds of external invaders, permitting them essentially to enter in and claim us as their own.

    Thank you for this, as you have inspired many other thoughts, and none of them by way of unkind intrusion. Many blessings and peace.

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    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. For me it brings up the effects of trauma. I’ve heard many a sensitive empath describe the ability to read people so well as a result of needing to feel safe if they grew up in an unstable or volatile family dynamic. A defense mechanism essentially. It brings up a lot of ethical questions. This particular author has also pushed the you create your reality quite extensively and it always seems coupled with a vibe of we don’t have to do anything to help those in poverty or desperate circumstances because they created it, blaming the victim and disguising it as an enlightened mindset and then using gaslighting to confuse anyone who would seek to address it. It is what it is, I prefer my talks with my Creator be entirely private and what is useful from that beyond my needs, I share. That is freedom of Spirit and will.
      Many blessings ❤

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      1. Your sentiments are echoed in my own experience. Although “victim mode” abounds in our culture, whereby many people play the victim role over just about just about anything, this ought not to be used as an excuse not to acknowledge the due suffering of those who actually *have* been victimized. Some of the more materially minded of those in the “you create your own reality” paradigm earnestly believe that a legitimate victim of abusive violations can simply create their way out of it. But I doubt that those people have been there. Also, others know that this is not the case, but they *use* that philosophy as license to excuse themselves from moral responsibility — or even from natural compassion, when you get right down to it. Don’t get me wrong, because I am all the development of positive personal power — if it is truly spiritual positive — and I also believe that we do create many of our realities, for better of for worse, and that the Mind is an extremely powerful, largely untapped source of amazing powers that most of us have not even begun to broach. But if and when I do increase the extent to which I am using my powers to create a superior reality, I would hope that the reality I create would be in line with the willl of my own Creator. I believe that part of having been created in His image is to have been endowed with creative power, like unto His. But if I don’t use my creative powers for the good of the oppressed and the needy, than I fail the will of One whose will is stronger, wiser, and much more benign at heart than my own. Better to learn the will of the Creator, and to try to implement His will with my own. This is our God-given privilege and calling. Blessings and Peace to you as well.


      2. I agree. The way I look at it from a common sense standpoint is… humans can do calculus, it is within our ability set but that doesn’t mean we should expect a five year old to accomplish it and again, say well it’s is own fault when he doesn’t. There is logic and harmony in Creation, everywhere, it’s how to use the two together that tends to trip people up. Co-creator’s that is what makes the most sense considering I don’t think any of us have the know how to start from absolute void and create multiple universes of this magnitude and magnificence. That such beauty was presented before us is a remarkable gift, undeniable love. I only want that we all do well with it. I’ve heard so many times as of late… “it is not His will that any should perish.” That is love.

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    1. Yep, exactly. Especially when it is human nature to ponder things, engage in internal self-talk when solving problems. And it is also the case that auras can be badly damaged and tears or holes that a person may not realize are there if energy fields and auras have not been a part of their cultural dialogue, basically leaving them wide open. I’d liken that to a person with a cut who is bleeding and anyone needs some just coming by and taking, not bothering to get the person medical attention and then turn around and say the person in that weakened state is agreeing simply because they are unable or unknowledge-able about how to get their wound healed. If we wouldn’t accept the same actions from a physical/material perspective, we shouldn’t accept it on a metaphysical. imho. Peace ❤

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