Beings of Creation

The Universe that is me has brought some interesting things my way as of late, to learn, to process, to understand on a deeper level. If I had to coin a theme for it, it would be the concept of identity. This, as well as connection, is one of the highlights of our trip to planet earth. Identity.

Ego is a useful tool in exploring the dimensions of identity. Personification. Beingness. It can become problematic when it gets bound. Bound by attachments or stagnation or a settling. I like to break the word ego into it’s parts, emotions go. The emotional fuel that is directing a particular set of explorations. A biofeedback loop of sorts.

One of the coolest things I was able to do with this journey I’m on, is experience a multiplicity of subcultures. I have been amongst a very wide variety of people living very diverse existences. The clothes, language style and behaviors were also very different. From sitting with Doctors and CEO’s at fancy dinners to sleeping in a park. When you do not consider anyone either above or below you, life becomes very rich and meaningful and well, interesting. There are expansive lessons to be learned from taking the stance of above or below as well, just to be clear. But those roles are often fraught with attachments and generally not for the feint of heart.

So, identity. The taking on of a perspective, a frequency, a channel. I’m so and so and I believe such and such and I do this and that. It’s a pretty simple formula. And there are certain realities that accompany such choices, such perspectives. When we interact with these roles while maintaining just a teeny tiny bit of sovereign centeredness, (a sense of a Self beyond the role) those choices and perspectives can be expanded. The way out and onto newer and other identities made a little easier through authentic reflections.

I’ve heard it said that a sign of mental health is a stable personality. Personality is a mask. It’s a persona, a role and very predictable trajectories can be garnered based on that formula, I’m so and so, I believe such and such, I do this and that. Changing one of those aspects CREATES. Like adding a little red to the color blue begins to create the condition of seeing purple. A little white begins to make pink. A little yellow begins to make orange. And look! Now I got enough colors to make a pretty sunrise!

Identity is one of the things that can become confusing with so much information. New inputs offer new outputs which might not have a ready-made folder in your file of “this is me”. One of the greatest gifts we can give each other and ourselves during this time is allowing space to heal, encouragement of growth and change, and a willingness to let each other be works in progress, not fixed, static this or that but moving, flowing beings getting the hang of being the artist and the art, composer and instrument with music that’s already playing.

If someone is stuck figuring out how to make purple, and you’re a master at mixing colors, is there a reason not to show them? Often I think the reason can be that identity thing. But I’m the master at mixing 50 shades of purple and along comes this person who wouldn’t even know how to do it if I didn’t show them and now they’re mixing 500 shades of purple and …and…shit, I didn’t even know purple could do that so now … my identity!!!! Arggghhh!

Getting a little inclusive on our growth opportunities here, goes a long way. Be willing to let go of ability infused identities, they are very limiting constructs. Beyond those limiting constructs is the entirety of SELF functioning, utilizing, exploring, expanding. That’s where love shines vividly.

And I think we could all do well with a healthy dose of vivid expressions of love in our lives.

As always, many blessings on our journey.

Peace ❤


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