Just Venting

I kinda stopped talking about the issues of poverty. Didn’t stop thinking about it, just kinda stopped writing or dealing with it directly, because it’s one of those topics that is reeeallllly hard to address over and over and over without seeing a whole lot of change happen. There’s been some movement. An inch here and redirect there, a new storyline, some confusion, more people told to just hold on and so on and so on. It gets old. This isn’t rocket science. People want rocket science. They want enlightened states of being, they don’t want … your decisions are directly responsible for the torture of innocent people. Torture. Not a pleasant word and in some respects an over-exaggeration, but in other respects, it’s really truly not.

Looking at the Akash with regards to this issue is a nightmare. There are literal minefields. Places if you accidentally wander your little mind into, you will get met with ugh, things I don’t want to talk about. Try to piece together what the hell happened and you’ll be met with multiple, weaving, duck and bobs of half-truths. You can clear that shit all the way down to the barest breath of consciousness, the blackest of black and there, still, residuals… of what if’s, of half-truths, of the entire history of humanity circumscribed with alternate truths. As if an attempt to encode everything, including death, including the nature of reality has been layered with alternate versions … simulation theory. Doesn’t offer many pleasant places to land, let me tell you. The surest one is the one most of us have lived, which includes all the nasty things we don’t seem to have the strength and beauty and Grace to alter with anything more than positive thinking, I guess.

Nasty stuff. I’ll let it be my own. I’ll let the fantasies of everyone gets what they deserve, we’re all just trying to do the best we can with what we have, pretending to know what is best for the common good, the laughable way most people envision the concept of free will. I’ll do that. If that’s what you’d prefer. If common decency and setting things right is just too much to ask of wee little humans.

I was reading a book last night, got my Godhead in an uproar. I mean that literally. I don’t usually hear much righteous indignation and movement from my Light side of the line, and that line moved with a ferocity I have not ever seen. Nor heard. Ever. If you thought waking the sleeping tiger was a bad idea… oh nelly.

The book I was reading is called Outliers. I wish I could recommend it, but I can’t. While there were some important points made, there were other insidious narratives perpetuated. What often happens when intellectual types try to tackle certain topics, they invariably miss some things due to lack of lived experience. This has been the road most traveled regarding academic and political discourse over poverty.

Lots of talk, but it’s always like a whole bunch of people on dry land doing research on people who live under water thinking they know what it feels like to … attempt to do everything people on dry land (who won’t let you on their dry land even if you do make it to shore unless you offer them a cut of your fucking soul) while treading water. You can’t compare life on dry land to life under water. If you haven’t lived in a first world country while impoverished, surrounded by desperate, impoverished people, being told it’s your own fault by basically everyone, eventually including yourself unless you’re made of something otherworldly, you simply cannot imagine. Shall I bring up the water experiment, that hasn’t reached enough educated people’s ears yet? Or the rice getting moldy early or the plant that can’t grow when it’s treated like shit by the society I mean ignored and/or talked negatively to for the SAKE OF THE EXPERIMENT.

I digressed….

my bad…

He was talking about Chris Langan. Funny how things come my way but I won’t digress again. Ah, what the heck, let’s digress again. Why should I have to live in this strange world without witnesses? After much ado, (by ado I mean it’s hard for me to get rides anywhere to do things that no one but me and little dude benefit from), I was able to get to the library. I usually use my little radar when selecting books. That’s how I came upon Outliers. The other two books I picked up, in case you’re curious and because they may become relevant later as everything in my life eventually seems to, are Apothecary and Lost Hero. Why is this interesting? Because Langan just started doing stuff publicly again and without this book, they’d a been hard pressed to bring my attention there otherwise. Should I break down his name metaphorically for ya?


He’s an interesting character, I’ll link a video HERE. People have strong reactions to this one. He breaks a lot of spells with his presence, his story, for anyone who looks deeper than the superficial judgments. Like the author of that book. Langan grew up in poverty and all the assorted ugh that comes with it. But he has an IQ of 200 ish. We have a tendency to really love the meritocracy false narrative. We really want to think of ourselves as fair, just, smart, all for equal opportunity and all that jazz. Surely high intelligence is merit, right? We would want the best and brightest to bring their gifts to humanity’s table, right? If someone’s given a less than fair shake of the dice, the rest will pick up the slack because it’s the right thing to do when there is potential for making the world a better place?

It doesn’t work out that way. In fact, most people are highly intimidated by intelligence, by a knowing shining from the eyes of one who knows. Pretty normal reaction in the grand scheme of things … and yet, not good enough.

Anyways, nature has a way of balancing missteps in the equations of life. For that we should be grateful. From my perspective, what he’s been able to do and learn on his own probably outweighs anything that could have been accomplished within the confines of status quo. The good, the bad, the ugly. Just because nature does balance the equation, doesn’t mean we should all just ignore the obvious detriment that allowing the continuation of poverty mindset to go unabated will cause.

Does it make sense to clean up the water leaking from a broken kitchen pipe and leave the faucet running? You’d just be cleaning, endlessly. And that’s exactly the way we’ve been dealing with this shit. Our economic focus is absurd. But you want your house in the country and you want your car and your vacation and your knowledge and you want and you want and you want….

We can’t do without an economy and it’s going to take time to adjust the timelines that affect the most people unless we throw ethics out the window and guess what, we’re NOT throwing ethics out the window. So, that means dealing with racism, dealing with genocide, dealing with poverty. Period.

News Flash: You’re not trying to save the planet, you’re here to save humanity. The planet will rebound without us, that’s how it was made. That’s the little fucking catch people aren’t fucking getting. Buy another piece of plastic. Throw it away. Fill the oceans and rivers and lakes with the shit, the planet will bounce back after you all die cause you have nothing to drink!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, all the negative shit in the air from people suffering… you may not realize the effect it has on your intelligence so let me make it clear to you… you shut down, you escape, you stop trusting others and then yourself and because of that you then lose 85% of the information you need to ACCESS your full capacity. Why do these problems seem too difficult to solve? That’s why. You’re tired. And overwhelmed. Because people are in pain for no good or logical reason and blaming them for it is no longer working.

You do pull out of this. That’s still the writing in the field of potential but the amount of MENTAL work that goes into keeping that potential open while you continue to feed the vampires your blood, sweat and passions is getting fucking old.

Peace ❤

I still love you.



3 thoughts on “Just Venting

  1. The way to eradicate poverty is to offer up your other cheek and make yourself poor. Then we will see the glorious ways of what St. Clare of Assisi called ‘blessed poverty’, the truth of the beatitudes, and how God’s provision and God’s love truly extends to every one of us. But this only works if everyone does it and giving them your other cheek, so to speak, taking a problem and heading straight into it for the solution, is not exactly something humanity is ready for. It’s so simple and yet we still choose to spend a lifetime skirting around problems, pretending we can find solutions by running or hiding, through human ingenuity and free will. We need to go directly into the storm to get to the eye of the storm. Who among us is going to right now make a change to forgo the comforts of a middle class lifestyle if it will mean that which you have sacrificed will be rendered for the healing of humanity? Only God knows how to do this, how prayer and fasting work, but it’s up to us to give it all to Him. We can spend another 2000+ years pretending we didn’t hear this, but the truth is not going to go away by evading it. Neither is the storm.

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    1. Yea, I think that’s the part that sticks in my craw, the evading and pretending. But I guess I don’t really think sacrifice is the ideology that helps… but rather understanding what true wealth IS. We’ve given up access to true wealth in exchange for shiny objects. Given up wealth in exchange for the quick fix and instant pleasure … because our hearts ache for each other. In each of us is the Light and Seed of God -it’s there – cannot not be there and this we ache for. We ache for ours to be seen and to see it in each other. That ache becomes the motivating force in our life and we fill it with everything but silence. In that silence we would be able to calm the mind, hear each other’s heart beats, Know we are not alone, Know our needs can be met and that safety, that feeling of love, it translates into a different mode of operating in the world, less about building fortresses to keep others out and more about finding ways to work in tandem. Instead of scurrying for proof we deserve, building false pedestals that makes the insecurity worse, we hold fast to each other and trust. We can’t keep throwing our resources into black holes that swallow them up never producing that circular feedback of nourishment. We’ve created a self-perpetuating feedback loop of trauma and isolation. Divine Intervention would most certainly break that cycle. And that I see a lot of evidence of … but I’m a faithful gal somehow the message needs to get to those who are not so they too can be healed and learn to trust again. imho. Many blessings. ❤

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