Beyond Fate

Close your eyes…

Are you still alive?

Take a deep breath

Breathe in…

Don’t forget to breathe out

Still there?

Still being?

Mystery solved?

What are you really scared of feeling…?

Cause it isn’t death you are fleeing.

That clock that keeps time

Does it know your fate?

Is it the tick or the tock

That makes you feel late?

For whose life is your time

Too little to waste?

Whose moment did you give up, fuck up, shut up in haste?


Earnestly ask…

For whose joy do you wait?

For what pleasure do you toil to taste

And are you sure…

You’ll still want it when you get there

Cause we all get there

We all get there


Time isn’t judging

And it doesn’t give a dime

It isn’t money and it can’t hear you whine

It isn’t life

It’s an object

A tool

A token device

The scorekeeper’s card

How often

How often

Did you kiss your wife

Did you offer sweet nectar

To a stranger in strife

Did you trouble or take

When you could’ve been great

Chosen to lead

The way of love

Eternal magistate

Flag waving you through

It’s heaven, no gates

Beyond time,

Beyond fates

The Universe of You

It’s Yours to Create


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