Divine Self selfing

Where spirituality meets the modern world is just about the most confusing place to look at there ever was. We are living in a quantum world now and the difference between those who know that, those who understand how to be that and those who are completely unaware of what I’m speaking of, is quite astonishing. It is quite literally watching evolution in progress.

I’ve been thinking about the nature of intelligence as of late. How intelligence is affected by both karma and trauma. Where genetics and instinct fit in here is also quite interesting. The weirdest thing, if you step back some, observe from a non-immersed place is how all these things played out in the life you’ve been living.

Some days it simply amazes me that people have survived at all, other days I gape in amazement at what humans can do. Trying to release the grip of the old narratives so that they are not the means, methods and reasons I am creating in the now, affecting unconsciously the choices I make each day. Ugh. There are things that need to be said sometimes, things that need to be forgotten other times.

The world you know and understand is composed of three things, consciousness, energy and form. How consciousness is also energy and energy is also form is a bit of a mind stretch to understand when you’ve been exploring just form for soooooo long. The result, the effect, rather than the effect in the cause or effect and cause as one and the same. It’s worth getting silent every now and again to observe these processes within yourself.

We live in a world of many layers of intelligence. Insect intelligence, plant intelligence, animal intelligence and the many varying levels of human’s being intelligence. Humans being the intelligence they have consumed or the intelligence they have tuned into or the intelligence they create. That is the strange world of quantum reality.

Anyways, it’s hard to know and see these things, feel the all-pervasive peace that accompanies deep thought and silent observation. And also be a person who gets tripped up by the average, ordinary reality most people occupy. Or don’t. I have no idea. Such is the mindscapes and dreamscapes I occupy.

I know I still have some wounds to heal. Programming that is tough to overwrite. That bothers me too. To trust in the releasing, to let go and watch it all fall away, attempting not to fear the feeling of having no ground, no wall, no other for support. Beyond labels, beyond friction, beyond form. Release, transmute, release, transmute until even that becomes an oh well… drifting into nothingness and startling myself back… because I have to. But my soul is forever changed. Every time.

One of the worst things while I was homeless, bereft of almost all physical comfort, was that impending sense of life and death. Feeling on the brink of life and death and watching people’s reaction to that state I was in. Many of whom had the means to easily pull me back from the ledge, restore my physical life. Had the means, did not have the will. In retrospect I see why they didn’t have the will. Their minds couldn’t calculate fast enough. Can’t run a cost/benefit analysis on a soul because soul’s are infinite. Bodies that house souls are not however, and you’d be wise to start discerning the difference.

We’ve come to a place where most people’s minds can no longer keep up. Evolution. There is intelligence beyond the mind, just as the mind is intelligence beyond the bodily instincts. There is a doorway to infinite intelligence a few planes beyond the mind. Most people still think they’re just a body, just a brain. The phrase wolves in sheep’s clothing comes to mind.

I asked God once, what are you made of and the response was intelligence. I asked what is love…the response was intelligence. Food for higher thought. If love is intelligence and intelligence (not intellect, not mind) is love than couldn’t you literally gain intelligence by acts of loving-kindness, like fuel? It alone seems to rise humans above the animal food chain, allows you to navigate by means other than gut bacteria and reproductive drives. I know, it all just seems like talk … until you put it into practice, quiet your mind long enough to access that intelligence, and use that silence to really ponder what quantum reality and every spiritual tradition (interpreted correctly) suggests.

Find your soul, realize it is connected to the infinite soul, use it to redirect the body to a higher mode of functioning, remind your mind that it can take a break from its job of memory overlord and program your electromagnetic field to bliss.

OH! Someone found that article I mentioned a few days back. Over the Rainbow. (Thank you!!!) Good stuff. Be blessed.

We are love in motion, the Divine Self selfing 🙂 ❤




11 thoughts on “Divine Self selfing

    1. Thank you! Big Love Back!!! It was so cool a random person (?) or persons or ??? liked the article I was talking about like the next day. Quantum awesomeness… I think these are the things people need to see to grasp the responsiveness of the Universe in a multitude of variation responding to our heartsong. joy joy joy and deep gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I suppose finding was not the best choice of words depending on the audience. Discovering, sitting in the awareness of, accepting … that there is more to you than habits, thoughts and bodily functions. Aparokshanubhuti is a good resource and text. Many blessings 🙂

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      1. Thank you for the reply. I guess I am able to understand what you are saying. However, am not able to do that continuously even for a minute. I guess there is a difference between Aparokshanubhuti and Pratyakshanubhuti. Can you explain me that? Is it something related to observation with and without active participation? I really like all you have written. Thank you very much for all your blogs.

        Thanks again for your time & energy. Namasté.

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      2. The experienced state of no-mind isn’t easily attained honestly. That’s just my opinion but… nonetheless. I suppose that is probably why there are so very many paths to assist one in achieving or sitting in that state even momentarily. Once it is grasped momentarily it is to continuously immerse oneself in it. In the state that I am calling no mind … you will observe that there is still what I would call will. or WILL to be more precise. (The gap between the music) This state gets little you the rest of the way out of the way more or less. There is a humbling, a realization that there is no need to surrender because there is nothing no thing to surrender to and in that knowing, much peace, much love and the a renewed vigor to SEE it everywhere. In seeing it everywhere, everywhere becomes it…. that’s the quantum state of things. Hope that helps.

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  1. A big thank you for a wonderful reply. Yes, it is not easy to attain the state of no-mind… somehow, it creeps in unnoticed.

    “and in that knowing, much peace, much love and the a renewed vigor to SEE it everywhere.” I guess I need to revisit and rethink on the quoted line.

    Somehow, I am instantly drawn and agree instantaneously to “There is a humbling, a realization that there is no need to surrender because there is nothing no thing to surrender to”. Since, I started my journey, there has been this feeling to honor and respect souls who have attained levels higher than mine. However, I am grown away from surrendering myself. There is this need not to surrender, specially as required in religions; however, till now, there was no understanding why it is so. Now, I guess I understand why!

    “In seeing it everywhere, everywhere becomes it…. that’s the quantum state of things.” This is very accepted by me, yet not understood completely as I understand to understand it, I need to experience it, at least once.

    Your reply helped me a lot.

    Thanks again for your time & energy. Namasté.

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    1. I like to look at spirituality on a continuum just like every other kind of development in nature. When children are infants, most are usually comforted and a feeling of security and safety imbued through swaddling. Religion has it’s place in that regard. And just like a child can become malnourished or undernourished physically… adequate and healthy nutrition matters spiritually, emotionally and so on. A teenage son can rage against his father until he is mature enough to realize the why even if he never agrees with the how. Anyways, you can take that metaphor a million miles and a million ways.

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      1. Thank you very much for a quick reply.

        I am not sure what to write; as I have plenty of questions and thoughts… but I guess I need to wait.

        Thanks again for your time & energy. Namasté.


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