Thank you

There’s been a bit of some astrological pushing which may have kicked up a bunch of stuff you thought was long dealt with. I hope you noticed, as I did, that it was easier to navigate and feel for your centeredness.

Light body integration should be moving right along and nicely for those who have been on the path for awhile. What a blessed break from the old that is, am I right? Once you start clearing out the programming, the magnetic karmic sludge and can feel your truth again. Stellar, let me tell ya, this is some stellar awesomeness.

Radiant star children, you new earth creators, you Divine Heavenly love lights, let me offer my gratitude to your dedication. Your authenticity is stunning. Your vision most worthy. A hummingbird just came by to catch my eye and second that motion. And a million other things unsaid.

Be well. Drink deeply from the Light within. It is a fountain that never runs dry.

Peace ❤

[I wrote an article some time back, who knows how long ago and I can’t remember the name but in it I mentioned the feet of the Beloveds sending up sparks of light with every step they took. Here’s a video and most wonderful song for this moment for you to see exactly what that would look like. Keep your chins up Bridge Keepers. Many Blessings]



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