Happy Trails

There was a bit of an exclusionary vibe floating through the air, seems to be passing right now, as these things do. Suppression, repression, oppression, the essions. Weird little so and so’s aren’t they? They seem to be best friends with exception, rejection and misdirection, the ections. It’s kinda like looking at the skid mark a tire leaves behind and arguing over what kind of car it was and how fast it was moving. Instead of… instead of… instead of…

Beyond all that confusion, love abides and never doesn’t abide. When you realize that and learn to believe it to the point you are no longer spending your life looking for it, testing it, denying and doubting it, you’ll be driving your own car. Actually what you’ll do is wake up behind the driver’s seat of an already moving vehicle and have to get it together real quick so you don’t go off the road. Don’t worry. You won’t. The road is an illusion 🙂

You can attract and repel and choose and reject to your little heart’s content, but you cannot be what you are not. And you are not separate from the whole. You have no enemies, you have trauma. Hold fast to your vision for better. For even better. One thing I learned in all my Reiki classes …you can have wounds that show up almost as if inherited and it can cause you to do the same old same old, replaying some other time and place’s script. Focus your consciousness just a titch past that level so you can see the freedom from those restrictions that actually exists and pull in the healing to correct and repair.

One of the people we healed in a practice session kept getting repeatedly hurt in the same spot, from banging it against a table to a ball getting thrown right there, one thing after another in the same place, over and over. It had become magnetized to “wound”. Emotional wounding or genetic “wounding” can cause the same problems. These can be and should be healed, re-polarized if need be.

I observed a new layer of awesomeness come in a few days ago, but time is mostly nonexistent these days, coulda been a week ago, could be happening in your next week. Try to keep things simple as the vibe seems rather magnetic and hot and by hot I mean short and by short I mean I saw some homies from heaven today, as if we looped a whole life cycle in about a week.

Anyways, those wounds that haven’t been dealt with could be getting loud, especially if they are magnetized. See an energy healer. Just had to see one myself the other day because pain was off the charts. We all have our jobs to do, so keep your vibes up and send out some Divine thank you’s to those holy holders of your fields. Send out some loving and peaceful prayers to uplift those young ones who are awake but may not know how to communicate about it or have anyone nearby that understands. Things get adjusted, life gets a little intense for a minute. But you’re going to be all right. And I’m going to be all right. And we are all awesome loving souls singing each other awake. In fact, we are one soul, so ginormous we forget sometimes.

“I love you big toe,”

“I love you too thumb, pass it on” and on and so on and so on.

Peace ❤


3 thoughts on “Happy Trails

  1. Aww, thank you! Happened to be up early and had time to catch up on email. I loved your post and I’m so proud of you!

    Love and light ❤️ 💡 ⚡️🌈🌟


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