Love, Life and Ethics

Sometimes I just don’t know how to relate to other people. Language is such a cumbersome communication tool. If everyone could just be as awesome as my dog. I jest. But you get my meaning. Or don’t. Cause language.

I’ve been thinking about evolution. Thinking about our human condition and the history of everything. Trying to find the sweet spot. The forgiveness and grace that will lead back around to connection. The sense of abandonment sucks ass.

Spiritually speaking, I’m on Rockstar mode. Things are moving right along, clearing and healing shit probably isn’t even mine to clear and heal. For who? For what? Because it always circles back to the obvious. The choices that were made to ensure some sense of balance, to shake the bonds of materialism only to find it is too much for most to bear.

I woke up this morning, seeing so precisely the contents of this form. The True Self, the non-material Being observing with clarity. But the purpose for the interface still eludes me. I can’t quite get over the sense that there is some key yet missing.

Anyways, ascension, portals, non-linear knowings. None of it matters in the least if we don’t -on all levels- really get the lesson that is love. Tell me, how does love relate to death? To the end of a thing or the abandonment of a thing or the material of a thing? What point of life where love is not understood? Byproducts? Accidents? Cosmic collisional oopsie daisies?

I watched a video some time back. A whole bunch of the latest and greatest was presented to the Dalai Lama. One of the dudes on there said we’ve found the technology to reverse aging. Someone could live hundreds of years. The Dalai Lama’s reaction was interesting to me. He said something along the lines of they’ve been studying this in India for thousands of years, no one has been able to live past a hundred and some odd years.

I guess I would have to point out to him that there have been many, many a prayer towards immortality. I’ve heard it repeated quite endlessly. Perhaps the perspective on how that prayer was or is possible to be answered, came in unexpected ways. Prayers are powerful. It is part of the great Mystery. That’s what I would say.

To those contemplating the ethics of it, the what do we do now, from our seeming loop of singularity. This is going to be hard to perceive but there is not one singularity. Contradiction in terms, I know. Yet, true. The where’s and how’s work out and the way they work out is faith. The centered Beingness. The illumined knowledge of no knowledge. The expanding and contracting. It is immutable. So… help where you can and don’t be dumb about it. That should be clear enough, right? All things work for good for those who Love Him. You can take that one to the bank.

I’ll write more when I’m feeling more articulate and less obtuse. In the meantime, know there is love and it is because of you that there is.

Peace and many blessings on our journeys.

Om shanti shanti shanti



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