Root Chakra

I want to write, started five posts in the past week or so. Changed my mind. More comes up, more goes. Sit down to write. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. Downloads. Healing. Flush. Emotions they come and then emotions they go. How to put all that has occurred in the last ten days down to words? Is it a sigh or a deep breath? It is both.

Been cleansing the root chakra. Been learning how to navigate the flower of life. Found a couple more soul fragments. Been forgiving what I had previously not even been able to look at. Forgiving myself while also validating that I did the best I could with what I knew when I knew it. It is a cumbersome and vulnerable (while also strangely powerful) state to be in. The realm of my own truth. The cave of my Beloved Self.

The root chakra is the seat of connection, safety, security, trust, instinct and survival. I had a lot of damage to heal here. I think many of us do. And some of us may have overcompensated by hoarding our spiritual skillsets or wrapping them up under the trappings of ego. Imbalanced root chakra can make it hard to feel at home on planet earth, participate actively in life as if part of a tribe, loved and supported by others. It always felt like everyone was in on some grand secret I didn’t get the cliff’s notes to.

It’s easing now. For that I am grateful. I’m overriding the feeling of not good enough, outcast, misunderstood. It makes it so much easier to embrace and open up the arms of inclusion and understanding when you do not -within yourself- feel excluded and misunderstood.

Cleaning and healing the debris of our past, the distortions and heaps of false beliefs that get piled on top when some part of us isn’t in line with the rest. I can see the world a little more clearly now, like getting a pair of glasses after squinting for so long. I suppose if those suckers stay blocked for too long, it would end up being like looking through mud. How long can you look at mud before you finally adjust to life without sight like those fishes that live in the deepest recesses of the ocean?

Can you just imagine what it’s going to feel like to finally have all our energy centers free and clear of mud, washed off, renewed? What it will feel like to have the cotton removed from our ears and actually hear? The work is worth it, the glimpses of the truth I’ve seen, stunning, brilliant, breathtaking, quite beyond what the little senses portray. It is indeed, a little like mining for diamonds. And we’re the diamonds.

So many metaphors…. All so we would turn and look and see.

Many blessings and joy in your discoveries. You are absolutely worth it.




9 thoughts on “Root Chakra

  1. Very reflective; quite the mirror to see in here. Thanks for saying what I’d been thinking and feeling. Keep going. Never give up; never give in…onward and inward…and upward and outward into all of it; eyes fully open; being fully grounded.

    Be well

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  2. What you said about forgiving yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know really hit home with me. I have been working on that for the last year or so and I guess I’ll sort of always be working on it since I can only forgive moment to moment, but it is getting easier and it feels really good! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Oh man, you’re very welcome and I’m glad you commented on this, I kinda needed to hear these words again myself! Thank you! It can be so easy to forget to come back and love ourselves up. And joy, happiness, peace… hard things to feel if you don’t think you’re worthy cause you made some or other mistake in your life. Many blessings and thank you 🙂 It does get easier and it does feel good!

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  3. Thank you for such an honest description of your experience! I have experienced those ‘a-ha’ moments when you realize what you did not know, and what you did not know had more of an impact then you could have imagined. I found it helpful to do lots of grounding exercises to help me through the other side.

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