Divine Mind Activation

Pretty massive shift has occurred. Again. Some may feel it, others still wondering what in the world we’re talking about. Anyways, well done. That goes out to all of us. Even the ones holding down backwards world.

So, we have an opportunity to ground in, to make manifest, higher level comprehension. I imagine there are a few of us taking in these codes. Divine mind. Honeycomb base ten codes. Good happy useful stuff. I sincerely wish I was the type of person that had a host of resources so I could present this in video form or had the patience to turn this into some six-week training course. But I’m a weirdo of the highest order so …. You’ll get the outline here and the rest will be waiting for you in the etheric with the hope that we can all learn to rely on our own inner knowing, how to access information from the Akash and where and how to apply this collective knowledge strategically in our own lives in a way that is a benefit to all of humanity and life on planet earth… sounds like fun right?


You know what a honeycomb looks like. Imagine each of those connecting points as a circle. Here we will imprint, hold space for an energy. There will also be four spots in the middle. The very left point will represent the Angelic realms and all that that implies. The very right point will represent the elementals (fairy kingdoms, devas, etc). Now, we have four outer points starting with two at the top and two at the bottom. Connecting these four, are another four. The following is a brief hint at the meditations I use to honor and commune with each of these energy vortices. The culmination of which, in the form of a honeycomb, allows me to then, very quickly, create Divinely inspired manifestations on earth, or Heaven on earth as it is often referred. There is, of course, physics to this and that you can check out by getting quiet, going within and allowing the vision to come to you.

Never attempt to do a meditation of this nature without first clearing your field. I have about an hour and a half routine I do before I am prepared to call in this level of awareness. I’ve also been through a lot of shite so maybe someone could get there quicker. I’ll let you be the judge of your own preparedness. As I claim the I AM presence of each, I open to receive the wisdom of what each represents and how it fits into the whole and allow myself to be the grounding point that connects the bridge to earth.

Angelic to the far left … Elementals to the far right. First “circle” top left, (the circles have moved from time to time as I’ve done this and different and deeper understanding comes through, this is just to get the general guide) I breathe in, “I am Brahma” and hold the breath, I usually hold for a 7 count, though I try not to count so I can pay attention to the knowing, exhale while humming, mouth closed, “I am Christ”. Next circle would be below the Brahma circle and within the honeycomb, not on the edge. Left. I breathe in, “I am Buddha” and hold the breath, exhale while humming mmmmmm, “I am Sophia” (right). Next circle below the Buddha circle, still within the honeycomb. Left. I breathe in, “I am Shakti” and hold the breath, exhale while humming just as before, “I am Krishna” (right). Now we are on the edge of the honeycomb again. Left circle. Breathe in, “I am Shiva”, hold the breath, exhale while humming, (right circle) “I am Melissa”.

I would start by repeating the cycle 4 times. I will let the Angelics explain how to get attuned to their energy signature. For the elementals there are a couple that I use. One of the more effective is breathing in “I am air, I am fire” breathing out “I am water, I am earth” understanding space and it’s subcomponents are always present. You can change it to “I am water, I am air” on the in-breath and exhale with the thought “I am fire, I am earth” rearranging the four or meditating on just one element at a time will also help you to align and comprehend the deeper richness of what these words represent. I give the trees their own time as well. As I breathe in and out for a few cycles, I am conscious and aware that I am one with the trees, that they are breathing in and out with me and that our similarities go well beyond words.



7 thoughts on “Divine Mind Activation

    1. yea, definitely not a small one, a little birdie had asked prior to this latest, “you think your peeps could handle if they had to make a massive timeline jump” kinda got the impression along with that query of our collective suddenly being in quite a different reality and whether or not we could mentally handle being in someplace utterly different from what we have known. I said yea, I checked but I said yea. Looks like we made it without having to go that route. Although… provides a good thought experiment preparation type thing. I hope that made sense. big Love Redwolf BIG BIG LOVE 🙂

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