I Spy with My Little Eye

a need to clear the air…

Well, the heat of this clearing is getting a little unbearable at the moment, so I’m going to try and bring a few of my own perspectives to light, some of the issues circulating in my Universe. Quite an intense storm that raged through our cosmos last weekend. Looks like we made it through fairly well. Considering. Considering what these geomagnetic storms have the potential to create.

I noticed some collectives dealing with issues of ego, pride, notoriety and unity. These issues are tied tightly to economics. There are patterns that emerge when moves are attempting to be made on economic fronts. The truth of these origins are generally quite a few layers back.

If you are a highly sensitive person, you may have noticed that stepping one millimeter out of your body was met with a great deal of discomfort. I call them firewalls. Because that is exactly what they feel like and more than likely their purpose. Sensible by some accounts. It isn’t as if highly sensitive, spiritual practitioners have been fully understood or accepted enough to make their case clear and known.

Regardless of all that, the issues remain, slowly and slowly and slowly the change comes yet miracles remain the avenue of least resistance. Let me put this into real life perspective, for you. Down and dirty as it were. I suppose in response to a reader who thought I chose to be homeless so I could become enlightened. Not even kind of the truth. I utilized my spiritual roots in order to survive what should be considered an atrocity but isn’t. I came back and I write about it because I am perhaps still naïve enough to think if people just hear the truth … they’ll change their agreements. If people understand the challenge of overcoming the trauma of poverty in the land of plenty, they’ll find more efficient avenues for helping others out of it. I keep going, healing, untangling, hoping and keeping my heart and eyes open for miracles because I’m human and that’s what we do.

There is a teacher’s union not far from where I live that is on strike, seeking a raise. Some of the feedback from a few people I’ve witnessed, experienced, overheard include a general distrust and anger. A “how dare they” and a sense of “who do they think they are” and “they’re so greedy”. Surprising and not surprising, from my perspective. There is a general assessment of whether or not those teachers are worthy of higher pay. This assessment made from a “how does this affect me” stance will not generally come out in the teacher’s favor, right? I haven’t sensed a whole lot of what’s best for the kids, just “hey, what about me”. You see the spiritual lesson here? Cause like I told more than one person, we all deserve better. It isn’t a case of them and not you, we all deserve to give each other a raise. We all deserve to live free from the fear of not getting our needs met, not having enough to eat or not being able to afford a roof over our head, not to mention the social, entertainment, spiritual and mental health bonuses to our culture as a whole that adequate income provides when we are willing to participate in the functioning of the society we share.

A similar vibe went through a collective of spiritual minded folks. Folks that channel and inspire and so on. A jockeying for position, a “hey, what about me?” At the same time, because I notice these patterns, other things emerge as they have every time this particular vibe goes through. Talks of economic resets and victory of the light and every person is responsible for their own Universe. Round and round this shit has been going for the past three years I’ve been paying attention. Like clockwork.

Observing my own sensations and feelings that arise during these events, jealousy, shame, desire, abandonment, anger, the futility and hopelessness of being angry, jealous, wanting. The mad dash through the mindscapes how to make a buck, how to make a buck, how to make a buck. What about me, what about me, what about me. It’s a loop. It’s a recording. It is a frequency. But because we are all wired into these bodies with their survival mechanisms still in the process of transforming, it can become pretty easy to get magnetized to that shit. And that shit will make you angry if you let it. And the trick to this one isn’t releasing, it’s reversing the polarity on those magnetizations. Using that energy, if you’re quick enough, towards equitable economic systems.

What do equitable economic systems look like? Equitable economic systems start with equal opportunity. Right now we have pretend equal opportunity. We have a big bunch of confusion about what equal is which is mind boggling. What we have is the equivalent of grown up body builders who’ve been injected with steroids competing with kindergartners who’ve only been allowed a meal every other day. And a whole bunch of people in the comfort of the sidelines, who’s comfortable spots have been bought and paid for by the body builders who are mocking, shaming, throwing shit at and tsk, tsk, tsking those kindergartners for not having the moral attributes and righteous fortitude to try harder. Pretty fucking pathetic.

Anyhoo…. Let’s continue working on clearing the lack matrix and support each other through the process. Pay attention to these things. If you are fortunate enough to have made a decent income, do something useful with your privilege besides making up and/or repeating stories about why you deserve it and other people you’ve never even met, don’t.  The rest of us, on the sidelines, will continue to cheer you on as you grasp the fundamental lesson of enlightenment, we are all in this together.

Peaceful Journeys ❤




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