The Fruit of the Soul

Quite an interesting set of clearings appearing at the moment. Recently, the issue of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was raised in my awareness. Hierarchy of needs. You know, like having food, shelter, water… it is interesting to see how people do and do not understand this concept, come to terms with this concept, form a life around this concept.

What does the body need, really? What does the mind need, really? What does the spirit need, really? And what choices are made, forced or offered to meet these? Lots of information there, lots and lots and lots.

I watched a video the other day, a group of monks and nuns chanting an invocation to compassion. It got me thinking a little. (What doesn’t, but let’s not digress.) Meeting the needs of the body. To some this means gathering a full stock of resources that will last throughout the duration of a typical earthly vessel according to typical statements regarding such. It has expanded for some to include gathering a full stock of resources to also sustain offspring. It has also expanded for some to include gathering and stocking resources to sustain offspring in the form of ideas, agendas, ideologies.

Then along comes some other people, they take a look at all those resource holdings and they think, ah, now that’s the ticket, that’s the way to get my body to quit worrying so I can have some peace and they embark on a path to gather, gather, gather and bury them nuts for some day. They may or may not notice that the gathering is setting off some imbalances, causing others serious harm but the goal, get the body satiated with stuff, overrides the rest.

Perhaps the mind joins the party, but ethics are exhausting so the mind is taught to serve the body’s survival wiring. It is set to task to make the body survive at all costs. The body. Which does not survive or outlast when oriented towards material. It only survives when it becomes the vessel, the temple, the seat of the soul. You see the dilemma? The crux? The confounding, circular nature of this choice?

To make matters worse, the hows and whys of spiritual growth, of the bringing the soul home to the body, have become badly distorted. Maybe distorted isn’t the right word? The mind, set to serve the body, may inadvertently reject the spiritual. Why? Because that diverse, expanded consciousness, has been targeted as a threat to social relations. Why? Because differences, especially unrecognizable differences, are viewed from that flight or fight firing that constantly goes off when one’s aim in life is gathering resources to satiate the body.

That whole animalistic, circle of life consciousness, is just that, a circle, a loop, a neverending cycle. If I had to harken a guess at why Gaia was brought low, it is for this reason. Once you see the nature of prana, of chi, of Source energy, of Goddess flow… how it sustains life, some of those discordant, confusing, aspects may begin to clear.

With the soul in the body, your will directs an unlimited flow of energy, what is grown, what is given life, which master you serve.  Your soul can be likened to your own sun, if it helps to compare. As it stands, the majority of people are guided, grown by someone else’s soul energy, governed by collective agreements on how to use the resources grown under such conditions. It never feels quite as good, as free, as when it is your own. It’s kind of like being a vine tied to a trellis as opposed to allowed to meander wherever the light takes you.

Waking up is understanding that you, yourself, have within you, a Sovereign soul. An unlimited resource serving potential. Then the trick becomes putting your mind, heart and body to the task of bringing those creations to life. Intentionally preparing the soil of your mind, planting the seeds, and nourishing your creations to life. A million times easier as a combined effort and in harmony with earth. Understanding how to be in harmony with others, with the Self and with earth requires a great deal of authenticity. Awareness breeds authenticity. And we are all a work in progress.

Peace ❤


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