Rainbow Serpent

Hello Happy People! I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend. It was a bit of a challenging week, healing and clearing some deeper levels of confusion that remained. Grounding, breath, bliss, rinse, repeat. I am very grateful that I am here, now, awake, loved and loving. From where I was to where I am, was not a small trek but the path is laid and the foundation secure and life is beautiful, diverse, mysterious, but also clear, very clear.

There have been a few new things added to my self-care routine that have amplified feelings of contentment that make me want to reach back in time to the me that was just hoping and give her a giant hug for hanging on, for keeping the eyes on the prize to get us here.

I met a Buddhist path seeker while I was on that homeless journey, freeing myself from all attachments and falsities. He was so adamant about breathing, everything was in the breathing. Oh, how he used to anger me with those statements. I have a kid to take care of, there’s assholes out there making life miserable for people, things are beings wasted and not taken care of, dang it, what does breathing have to do with any of that!! I’d rail, mostly only in my mind, cause my inner self was always quietly listening and keeping the ego from throwing those tantrums. Not perfectly, but often enough the seed was planted and eventually watered.

So, along with the alignment and clearing of my chakras and various energy points, along with clearing and calming the cellular and historic trauma in my fields, releasing judgments, returning to right thinking when the old scripts would play, using Reiki to heal my body, I’ve added breath work. Yogic breathing. Ah. All I can say is, now I see. Even better.

If I had to harken a guess, being solely self-taught and Divinely Guided, I believe I had what is referred to as Kundalini activation about 4 to 5 years ago. And that Kundalini energy went through every nook and cranny of every teeny tiny stitch of my, well, everything. It has taken a tremendous amount of dedication to integrate and understand the scope of what it means to be an Awakened Being. I am deeply grateful to the many helpers and beautiful beings sharing their insights, encouraging, enlightening, inspiring, being present and authentic because it gave me the strength to continue digging, clearing, healing and revealing the authentic spirit within me.

This morning, in my meditations, The Rainbow Serpent came and said it was here to stay with me, to love, to guide, to be one with me. I’ve often seen and heard and experienced these things without knowing the meaning or significance of what it is my Spirit has attuned to. What is this Being coiled around my Pillar? With feathers so refined you’d think them scales, but they are not just scales, they are both. I guess I’ll have to do a little research but for now I’m just going to enjoy my communion.

I hope in some small way, sharing my experiences encourages others to stay devoted to their truth, the uncovering, paving and expression of their unique path. Be brave in your explorations of consciousness and trust in the fullness of your authentic SELF.


9 thoughts on “Rainbow Serpent

      1. You can’t say F****ing on here? Lmao 😉 It’s been years since I’ve read about the Rainbow Serpent, I’m going to have to refresh now lol, Thanks!!! Big love to you too! ❤

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      2. my little Dude really wants me to quit swearing so I’m working on it, hard as it is because somehow I inherited an old sailor’s tongue hahaha And hey, if you find good info, please share!!! The more the better, especially from the Divine Masculine aspect …you might see something I miss 🙂

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      1. Very Welcome!!!! Well so far as I scanned a few readings, She is the bringer of Unity, Peace and Abundance and also creation and destruction for most tribes. Protector of water. ❤

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