Thought Experiment

How do fractals happen anyways? How did we end up so fragmented? The pieces of myself all seem to be put back together, for the most part anyways, still got some hang-ups with the male aspects but even those are on the mend. Quite a change from get me the fuck off this planet.

One of the weirder things I noticed after my death without dying experience was how obvious the fractals were. People I had known showing up in different forms but holding key features that made it clear and unmistakable it was them. Some were in a lesser form or maybe a worse off form would be a better descriptor, and some better. Some even changed, the lesser form disappearing and only the better remaining. Guess they must have figured something out.

It’s a hard thing to explain. Angels I guess. Starseeds maybe. I’ve seen my dad in so many people it completely defies logic. One of the people who was around when I was first awakening to the Galactic side of things, her name was also Melissa and she looked just like a prettier version of my grandma. And her boyfriend looked just like a blond and young version of my dad. Weird shit, let me tell you. But they got me pointed in the right direction. I always wonder if they realize what I saw.

There have been others. Many others. One of the first meeting of the minds after we were docked in Boulder, I sat at a picnic table and a dude that was sitting there was the spitting upgraded image of a guy I once knew that kept me safe and sane in very unsafe and insane times and places. Angels, man, they are an interesting bunch.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about all this light bouncing this way and that. When, where and why we gather our reflections together, aim it here or there. I see that reincarnation and death and all sorts of things we thought for sure we understood, or somebody for sure understood don’t necessarily match any of those explanations. It is simultaneously more simple and more complex. And it isn’t something that can be figured, displayed, explained in a way that will ease the mind until the soul itself reveals the truth to the mind and the mind becomes something capable of comprehending.

In the meantime, I think it would be wise for a lot more people to engage in a thought experiment. To just imagine that they are going to come back. And maybe it isn’t the case that you get to decide where you come back and maybe it doesn’t have as much to do with your actions as you believe. Would you then, take better care? Would you make sure the planet was thriving? That in whatever circumstances you found yourself in, you would be well-nourished? How could you ensure that what ever family you landed in would be able to make ends meet? Most people have such a myopic view of reality. Running so fast to absolutely nowhere and any one of those bodies and lives they run over in the process could be them …because even though trying to grasp the bend of space/time, of light, of karma is challenging it doesn’t mean that isn’t actually what happens.

Anyways, food for thought I hope you take the time to digest. I’m learning to say yes to the Universe a lot more. Yes, with a big giant thank you ❤

Many blessings, much love



4 thoughts on “Thought Experiment

  1. Thank you very much for the nice post. I guess somewhere my heart understood it, but my mind, being over active and boasting is still not able to comprehend!

    I just landed up somehow on your blog today, say an hour ago and here I am writing a comment; which I normally don’t much.

    When, I just started to write the comment, there was something in mind to write… now just blank!

    I hope I could remember / recall in heart more positively and long lastingly; as I dig more in your blogs.

    Thanks again for your time and efforts.


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    1. You are very welcome. I was sitting to do my yoga breathing/night time meditation and kept getting the pull to go online and listen to Sadhguru’s kriya…and then I saw this, ahhhhh, my inner self smiles. Welcome and Namaste and Thank you ❤


  2. Oh! I was not thinking about your timeline… I just posted my thoughts and perhaps half expecting the reply… but not so soon.

    Thank you for the quick reply and sorry for disturbance caused by my actions.

    Well, I somehow stopped listening to Sadhguru! Do I miss something?

    Sorry, but I see that I can learn something out of you. So, I am bit more persistent. If its ok with you; I can write an email to you.

    Please reply when you can.

    Thank you so much for the blog and reply.


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