It’s 10 O’clock Somewhere

I’ve had so many, many things on my mind that I haven’t felt much like writing. The swirling patterns of strange and mystical are moving so swiftly while at the same time, that old, ugly, crumbling building still holds so much of people’s rapt attention. I wait. I listen. I focus on the lights expanding, throw a few glittery orbs into the mix and see if anyone cares to look at anything else besides all of our mistakes or all of the things we distract ourselves with to ignore those mistakes. There is no going back, you know.

I have been fearful in the past, fearful of these moments in energetic grandiosity where it all lands, where two feet get planted in the ground. I prefer to fly. I prefer the mysterious garden of my mind. But we’ve come in for a landing now. The density of nomenclature so many prefer, defies my soul’s purpose and sensibilities. Nonetheless.

The only way to define my mind, my soul, my life is not to define it. That is to be aware and present in the zero point. The beginning and the end and never changing from the state of constant changing. Yea, how do you paint a picture of that one, create a form that is considered valuable? You don’t. And it is therefore, done.

Are you at home in your heart today? I am and I’m not.

Speak directly or speak in lyric or choose not to speak at all?

Life is a play between breaking up the order and bringing the chaos back into order. Out, in. In, out. Back and forth, back and forth. Just like we breathe. You only see the whole picture, the completed puzzle when you step out of it. Which always begs the question.

An artist’s mind. The dots don’t even have to exist in order for us to connect them. What is considered chaotic in an upside down world, is in fact … your key to Divine order. Order that moves with Grace from one inspiration to the next. It’s ten o’clock, do you know where your artists are?





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